The Art House Bristol

Light Orb Tangle

Thursday I headed off to Bristol with the lovely Nick Short, the aim – to read poetry at the Art House. We had a little bit of trouble finding it, the Art House is a lovely little cafe with a cellar/entertainment area. There are arty pictures on the walls and yummy foods to be had.

Guitarist Rianna Art House Bristol

There were some wonderful musicians playing, I especially liked the Vampire guy though I failed to get a photo of him :)

Poet with funky Russian hat Art House Bristol

We bumped into an old friend from Cheltenham who had also come up and ended up in a conversation with a woman at the end who wondered why we’d come all the way to Bristol to perform. It is a weekly event at the Arts House and Bristol simply is bigger and has more to offer was the answer. Cheltenham has a great poetry scene but it is not weekly or even every night like it is in Bristol. We spoke of the poetry society and the Festival and then moved on to art in general.

Nick Short performing poetry at the Art House

I read an arch of poetry starting with a Fist Full of Nitro and ending with Star Stuff. From the individual and depressing to the optimistic future of all was the way I saw it.

Sarah Snell-Pym reading her poetry at the Art House Bristol

It was a lovely night.

Orange wicker orb

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