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Exhibition In Braille Sneak-Peek

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Tomorrow Saturday 24th September 2011 sees the Exhibition in Braille a touchy feely art attraction set up by Centre Arts to raise money for the Gloucester County Association for the Blind. Tickets cost £5 and are avaliable at the doors which are open 12-7pm. There are some really cool things there for you to touch […]

Pink Flapping Monster

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Upon a Welsh Mountain Side Above a disused slate quarry Below a turgid sky In a fine hazy drizzle A monstrous pink flapping monster Perched on the edge About to take flight Fear sticks in the throat Fear jellifies the knees Fear pancake flips the stomach Fear trembles the lips But dad is there Smiling […]

Salty Solitude

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Footprints in a ribbon’s stream Beads upon a string Minute leaves upon a stem They were made By a pachyderm Lifeless land this salt plain Giant evaporation pans Leaving just salt Where once sea Now desert Shimmers in reflected heat Nothing but the footprints Alone in the heat Nomadic outcast In a land Of sporadic […]

A Year of Guitar

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Basically I have been learning the guitar for a year – this is me at home with books – I did have some guitar lessons during my GCSE’s which was half a lift time ago now. It was about a years worth and as my coordination and musical knowledge were pretty bad at the time […]


Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The first of my songs I recorded was the first half of a song I wanted to sound like medival babes but then I found ambient voice which adds echos and with some chopping of bits of the song etc… created the dance-ette version. I like it though it is basically a remix even though […]