Festival Rain

It’s festival rain again! AGAIN!
Packing the tent is such a pain
When you are canvas bound
Listening to it sheeting down

Watching the little bubbles form
Before the riverlets of the storm
A constellation of crystal blooms
As we hide in this tents one room

But this structure must come down
Before the funky beats are found
The Music thumps and does pound
Dancers dance twirling round

Mud bath laughs at the main stage
No one here acts their age
How delicious and sublime
Is the ridiculous at festival time?

For age here counts not at all
Everyone will eventually act the fool
Skipping to natures beat
Dancers leaving behind wet seats

Beat out tempo with squelching feet
Eating churros salt and sweet
Listening to the sage and wise
Laughing loud untill you cry

Sighing as it’s time to go
Watching storm light begin to grow
Golden clouds make banners glow
And there the arc of the rain bow

Posted: Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 @ 2:55 pm
Categories: Festival, Little Books, Poems.
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