Happy Poetry!

It is the beginning of 2015 and a time to start a fresh and plan my writing and poetry year!

And this is ever more complicated as I am now having to keep a two year diary for bookings!

Anyway, one of the keys is to be able to keep writing, I sometimes get far too busy and that is not good nor sustainable as I need to produce new stuff!

So as always I am planning on taking part in the writing challenges such as Month of Poetry, National Poetry Writing Month and the one I help co-ordinate World Poetry Writing Month. These writing challenges allow me to carve out a specific time to write. What is happening at the moment is that my brain is full of ideas that mull and brew and then when the challenge time comes I can just sit and spew them all onto the page or screen!

Other things that need sorting is what I do and don’t have published – I’ve had to pull my ebooks at the moment due to the VAT issues so will probably end up on Amazon after all :(

I want to get out their more and promote the books I have but not entirely sure how that is going to fit in with everything yet!

This blog is a bit tatty as well with blogs missing that were written and then not sent live and so on, so I shall be having a bit of a sort out and hopefully work out exactly how many poems I have written.

I may even start sending them off again. I tend not to do this, or I mean to and forget and so on, somehow I still get a couple of poems published a year but it’s hit and miss as I don’t send anything off :/

Basically I have a lot of admin to do, it would also be nice to get back to some of the local events that I am not involved in somehow!

I have a beautiful note book to start the year with which will inspire me – I’d better actually go and do some writing :)

Posted: Thursday, January 1st, 2015 @ 11:09 am
Categories: Poetry Collections, WoPoWriMo, Writing Challenges.
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