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Last night I went to Buzz Words – a local poetry night including guest poet, workshop and open mic readings. I realised that I had not been for a long time :( Due to college and health and busy-ness but Bobby Parker was reading and I really like his stuff which I think I initially discovered during the Cheltenham Poetry Festival. Apart from wanting to hear Bobby read, and try out a new poem myself – I like attending workshops as I nearly always end up with a usable poem from them.

The same happened this time. I’ve had a couple of ideas knocking about in my head for a while, ideas that I thought should be in poems but I wasn’t quiet sure how and so when the workshop started I had material that just sort of slotted together with the brief. Stuff I would have tried to make 3 poems out of clicked nicely into place in one poem.

So basically what I am saying is – if you are stuck with writing go to a workshop. In fact sometimes I find just going to poetry readings work, as if hearing other poets work unlocks something – it becomes safe to write as you are not the only one? Or something like that!

Posted: Monday, February 2nd, 2015 @ 4:49 pm
Categories: Festivals and Events, Workshops/Courses.
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