A Stranger Dream – Virtual Launch Party

Love: A Stranger Dream

This weekend (22-24 April 2016) there will be a virtual launch party for my non-linear visual poetry colouring in book A Stranger Dream. It is a stark book, a book of hate and isolation, a book of hope and love. The images tackle the thorny issues of self-identity and the pain of isolation and ostracism, of critasism and the violence society often enacts on those who do not conform.

Of communities once inclusive, self cannibilising.

It is a narrative of my self, it is the story of SELF, of everyone, it is a cyclic jumbled mess, it is non-linear, the circles of society, family, culture and religion are intersection, concentric, exclusionary, overlapping, non-ecludian rings.

The colouring book is not The Form of the poem but it is a form of it. There is going to be a gallery where people can add their colouring in efforts – I hope that together we can turn stark hurt into rainbows.

Splice and Split rainbow

Electronically I will spend this weekend pinging between various social media and blogs. Namely this one and Snell-Pym.

There is a Facebook Event, a Google+ Event, a twitter hashtag # astrangerdream and my patreon account (which will have hidden extras in it for patreons only).

I have a t-shirt – with Identity Clinging on it – I used the wrong image ie not the bordered one I’d used for the book so there are white lines where there should be none – but I have a fix for this! I also plan to turn it into a dress or at least make a matching skirt for performances.

Sarah Snell-Pym in her Identity Clinging T-shirt

There will be merch for sale, there are stickers to give away and there are beautiful mugs and poetry cards and so much more!

I did a blog post about the origin and work that went into the making of A Stranger Dream: Love on Snell-Pym.

And you can still download the individual images for free – yes I am selling a book with them in but I want my work as accessible as possible. With the book you are paying for the nice book, for the boarders and a bit of extra editing. It is currently showing as £10+ I meant it to be £7+ if you buy the £10 + version let me know as I have a goody bag to post to you!

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