Some of These Things Are Beautiful

Dan Holloway Reading at The Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Last night I went to watch my friend Dan Holloway perform his show Some of These Things Are Beautiful as part of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival.

Dan Holloway Performin

He is a fantastic poet and as always his set was emotionally charged dealing with creative freedom and the intensity of life and death.

Dan Holloway

Lighting levels at the venue were a bit tricky so I apologise for the quality of the photographs.


Again I did some experiments with long exposures and this photo came out in a way that I just feel fits with Dan’s creative zest – to me it is a poet in a spiralling tunnel of thought and creativity.

Poetic Swirl

The event also had two other poets performing – I unfortunately had to run away before the last performer but I did catch James Webster.

James Webster at the Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Who did a wonderfully funny piece on time travel and the self – it was philosophically deep but light in the presentation.

Poet James Webster

The event took place in a lovely bar called The Strand in Cheltenham which had some lovely wall art I will have to go back and photograph at some point.

Anna Saunders and co at The Cheltenham Poetry Festival

Anna Saunders one of the Festival Directors was there in person to compare and I just love this shot of her I got – I think it shows her fantastically warm and bubbly personality.

Anna Saunders Poetry Festival Director introducing Some of These Things are Beautiful

Posted: Thursday, April 25th, 2013 @ 4:30 pm
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