Tech Adventure

I found this post and pictures on my personal blog it was the 3rd Tech Adventure in Bristol at the Trinity Centre. I think back in 2009.

I thought I’d share it here as there is poetry and robots!:)

This one I got up at 6 am for and me and Al were wending our way to Bath by 7 am – why Bath I here you cry when it is in Bristol? The answer lays in the fact we have a van and that we had volunteered to help the organisers this time.

So we arrived after only a minor getting lost incident and begain loading the sound equipment and assortments of other tech gear.

We drove to Bristol with our navigator and then after a quick unload headed off to pick up John Honniball who has an amazing collection of old computers which I somehow failed to take a photo of :( He also had a cool bubble car outside his house!

Oh and I had had to try and repair my glasses and had managed to cover about 30% of my hands with superglue – I was not a happy bunny.

The exhibits themselves where fun and I think I’ll need to do some seperate posts for some of them plus I have vidoes I need to sort out of them.

There was a motion sensitive BB gun, with a targeting laser.

BB gun and motion sensor

Guys with hand controlers that meant they could produce sound from motion resulting in me wanting to play with the concept and come up with a theatre production :/

dudes creating music with motion

Me reading Geek poetry and giving away Wiggly Pets to those who counted the correct number of programming languages in my poem.

Reading poetry Me and a wiggly pet at tech adventure Reading Geek poetry Geek poetry at Tech Adventure

The cutest robot ever which behaved like an animal, the camera looking like a little hamster nose and which maybe good research for a book me and dad are writing :) Just a little fun fiction.


There was a random pirate duck but then what sort of event is complete without a mascot?

Pirate Duck

A 3D printer which had me @ndy who we dragged up from London, and Alaric all got very excited about.

3d printer - reprap the gubbins

Here are some of the things it made! It can make parts of itself too which is kinda cool :) I really really want one for various craft applications.

wine glass and thing with thing inside shoes

There was a Wii set up, more old computers with ancient games on, a logic puzzels and game table, a swap shop which seemed to mainly consist of things we had brought with us – of which fortunatly all but one thing went from, DJ dudes, people with guitars and filming equipment.

Of course Andy got roped into cabling without even being asked if he was a tekki!

Plus there was a talk on high performance from computers – by a guy who was there last year – I ended up actually asking questions and talked to him afterwards – I feel this definatly deserves its own post however!

Alaric’s Chicken Scheme T-shirt arrived just in time for him to wear it for tech adventure which he was really chuffed with – again somehow I failed to take a photo – sigh!

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