WoPo – Wow!

The poem a day challenge that I run February called WoPoWriMo has been amazing!

I’ve also just heard that several of the poems people wrote during last years challenge have been published – this is amazing and kudos goes to the writers but at the same time they’ve said they couldn’t have done it without the writing prompts (I don’t believe them but I think it may have taken them a longer while to get around to writing the poems down!).

Anyway the challenge maybe over but there are lots and lots of poems for us all to be typing up and editing and of course I have all the tutorials to write up :)

I hope all the other poets will join me for another poem a day challenge in April called NaPoWriMo!

Posted: Saturday, February 28th, 2015 @ 7:09 pm
Categories: WoPoWriMo, Writing Challenges.
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