WigglyPets at Pico-con!

The WigglyPets Press at Picocon

Yesterday I had an amazing time at Picocon, I didn’t get into any of the talks had amazing convos and met a few old friends. Hubby says there were people we’d met at other events including the Cheltenham and Bristol ones but I still have face blindness so apologies if I did not say hi! People seemed to love the steam punk stuff and I have ideas for more fantasy and cyber punk jewellery :)

With the wiggly pets I still have the er… parental barrier – so kids love them, kids want them, kids grab the book and beg to be allowed it (it cost £3) but parents always say no – always :/

Lastly I know some people are hacked off that we didn’t come to see them but we left the house at 5am and got home at almost 11 pm and only went to picocon there just was no spare capacity and even if we were just seeing people we couldn’t visit everyone on a whole weekend to london let alone squeezed in around a convention! (And I have been posting for weeks!!!! that I was going to be at Picocon so was kind of surprised how many people were surprised we were suddenly in London!).

For Scifi, horror, fantasy, steam punk, comic book, spec fic fans – picocon is a minute little event but punches well above it’s weight for pure awesome geekiness 😀

Posted: Sunday, February 21st, 2016 @ 4:28 pm
Categories: A Stranger Dream, Festivals and Events, Little Books, Merchandise, Zines.
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