True Believers 2016 – EPIC!!!

Sarah Snell-Pym at True Believers 2016

The WigglyPet Press ie us went to the local comic book convention in Cheltenham. The True Believers Comicbook Festival.

Yeti finds a picture of himself!

We took the baby yeti from The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry who was a little bit worried when it saw the pictures of itself!

WigglyPress Book Stack

We made a new book stack out of an old storage unit which we’ve covered in black silky material – I think it worked really well for all the Little Books of Poetry and zines :)

Comb bound A Stranger Dream

The comb bound Love: A Stranger Dream got photographed a lot and there is much interest in it being made into a proper books :)

Saffy and the Tardis

We played – I am dressed as the Opronics Light Core of the Super Computer AI in my Punk’s Universe which is the comic book and novel stuff I do!

Rey mistakes Yeti for an ice beast

This warrior girl mistook Baby Yeti for some sort of ice creature – it was almost very nasty 😉

Posted: Sunday, February 28th, 2016 @ 8:20 am
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