Wars Grace

Ribboned light locked her tight
within a shadows embrace

The embrace locked her place
Within the loop of time

Of such a time marked a crime
Within a crimson tide

Bloody tide, nowhere to hide
Within this hell of now

And as with now all shall bow
To the queen of desire

Of her desire build your pyre
Consumed in golden shame

And her shame smoldered to blame
Form which the solider crumbles

As he crumbles nations stumble
Into a deep recession

Dark recession gives a scarred impression
Of those who dreamed away

All away those things that sway
Beneath the moon beam lair

Within the lair you may loose all care
Of rational thought or act

Without that act you will make a pact
With the deamons within

With whats within you can not win
But lie broken and forlorn

So forlorn the warrior warn
With weapons scorch the ground

And on the ground such are found
The flowers of despair

Such despair for the lost – beware
As they wait in shallow grave

Lost the grave upon the wave
As time it’s toll did take

Lives to take and souls to break
As patrons fight the nations

As the nations loose those who choose
Those at home do suffer

All shall suffer like a war torn lover
Who stands at the gate

And at that gate their hearts do break
For exists is all the rougher

Posted: Friday, June 21st, 2019 @ 10:14 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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