The Alien Hunters

It’s 6:30, it’s barely dawn
I reach and stretch and yawn
Must be quiet
Must be quick
Climb on my window sill with a stick
And with it reach the window next door
Tap tap tap I go
And wait and tap once more
Ah a movement yes! He’s awake
There’s a crop circle but it could be fake
We pull ourselves up and out
It’s pre-dawn or there abouts
Wrapped up in blankets as we go
About these aliens we have to know
Sneaking out into the world
My hair is short and full of curl
His is blond as can be
We must not, I repeat must not be seen!
He bought milk and I a chocolate bar
We’re hunting creatures from a very different star

Posted: Thursday, May 16th, 2019 @ 12:12 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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