ADHD The Polymath Dream

They say I am a polymath
A genius
well how about that!
With my distraction….
Oooo glitter!
And attention span on plankton
ADHme – genius
How’d that come to be?
Flittering thoughts
Here and there
Filtering concepts without care
Ideas fall into haphazard intellectual snares
Maths, music, history
A little of all
But distracted by a new mystery
Writing, drawing and biology
Skipping from subject to subject
ooo what’s a soliloquy?
Craft, textiles, drama tech
Boogying with friends on the DJ decks
In trouble with sire
As atoms on the canvas burst
What could be worse?
It was supposed to be a portrait of my dad!
Art teachers don’t like such new fangled fads
But I drew DNA, equations and that
Science teacher was just the same
My creativity was their bane
As instead of notes
goldfish I explored – no adored!
Drawing each gill and scale
“FOCUS girl” was her wail
But I still manage to answer her questions
Narrowely escaping the need for detention
GCSE’s done
Cup for progress won
I turned my attention to A’levels but not for long
Imagination bouncing around loose
Climbing archery song
Well they said my CV needed a boost
Guides, scouts, first aid
Volentary work, upcycled bags from jeans to be made
with the old, young and unable
Oooo my best friends parents just got cable!
Friends, Neighbours, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Scifi and horror in cheesy layers
Reading books as I walk home
Forgetting the boyfriend I’d left hanging on the phone
Walks with dad learning forest lore
Weaving nettles, chainsaws!
Looking after campers galore!
Hey what? Wait!
How’d that happen
I’m only 17 what do you mean I’m in charge!?
Oh well I’d better big it up large
I should be studying for exams
Oooo peanut butter and ham
Why that look U’m not mad
I’m only doing 4
At A’level they said I couldn’t do more
What a bore, snore snore cor!
Look at that newt
I shall name it cute!
I’ll show them what I can do
Short courses at lunch time of course
And not drooling over eye candy dandy
As that would be naughty
I’m writing a novel too
Researching and learning
oh no the pizzas BURNING!

The it was off to uni with people being snooty
Learning about rocks, loosing socks, sucking… lollipops
Whilst doing assignments at the door
I get paid to watch MTV
And perform the odd bit of first aid
In the quite common emergency
Going to Kenya seeing stars
Pretty beads for me to wear
Seeing piglets… ooo is she in labour over there?

Hospitals and medical supplies
Bracelets made by for you
Acting singing prancing on stage
Looking through microscopes all day
Pretty rocks and electrons rock!
Caving dancing pizza romancing
Kung fu, physio too
What do you mean pay attention fool?
ooo a rainbow where’s the camera?
Singing in lab is banned?
What a…. canker
Teaching posh kids to cook
Writing poems in a nook
Seeing the beauty unfolding of molecules that make rocks by folding
Oh how’d that happen?
Street scene in the margin
Still got down the formulae – a good mental bargin
But I’ve lost the thread today
Deserts and dunes?
A poem about reality and the moon

Then it was marriage and kids
plus the biggest ever fib
I was told now I would have to focus
What a load of hocus pocus
Kids? They have the same attention span as me
Plus they like it all glittery
We bake things, make things, watch documentaries

ADHD is the polymath dream
I’m thinking on maths and science you see
When thoughts of cake pops pops onto the scene
Cake pops, science, science fundamentals, universal truths, glittery proofs
Oooo cake that’s spherical!
Science cake, cake science
Bingo bang bong
Science cake is born
Cake pops?
Edible molymods!
This ones buckminster fullerene
The icing is dairy free
Butter creme!

Posted: Friday, September 28th, 2018 @ 2:10 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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