Mary the Canary

Mary a little girl who likes to be called
The Berry
Thinks she’s a canary and sings both night and day
She churps to the sun
and then to the moon
Hoping the others will wake real soon
She has a story she’d like to tell
About adventures and magic spells
Of the castle that is the House of play pen
And how she learnt how to count to ten
Maybe with a missing number it’s true
But she knows it starts with one and then theres…
Mary The Berry can sing real loud
Conjuring up rainbow clouds
Her sister stirs in her sleep
But bearly opens an eye to peep
She wont get up and play
Not until it’s day light anyway
So until the time is such
Mary will sing and chatter and tell so much
To the cuddle friends that live in her cot
There are lots and lots and lots
And they will listen happily for hours
About how she rescued them all using glittery super powers

Posted: Monday, May 7th, 2018 @ 9:58 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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