Poetry Without Pretension

Poetry Without Pretension The Gloucester Poetry Societies Poetry Collection

So we did it :) We got the kickstarter completely funded and now we have a book in production! Above is the front cover and the beauty of this book is just mind blowing but then I would say that I am publishing it!

Or rather The WigglyPet’s Press is publishing it :)

For those of you who missed the kickstarter – this is the Gloucester Poetry Societies first book to mark their first year anniversary. It is being published to coincide with the first Gloucester Poetry Festival. You will be able to purchase it from the The WigglyPet’s Press site as well as via amazon and other platforms, not to mention the book will be doing the rounds at local craft and art fairs in the run up to Christmas.

Posted: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 @ 12:14 pm
Categories: Festivals and Events, Poetry Collections.
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