This poem originally appeared on my personal blog in response to a news article.


Here’s some chalk

Now go and play

Hopscotch was fun, in my day

A small child smiles up at his mum

Then runs outside in the sun

And begins to draw

the hopscotch grid

When out pops his friend – Sid

Then there’s Jane, Marther, Mary, and May

They’ve all come outside to play

Throwing stones

to mark their place

the hopscotch moves on a pace

until that is…

sirens rent the sky

And two burly police

come to spy

And tell them that their game’s a fraud

Hopscotch – it turns out

is against the law!

And so with tears

they must scrub away

Chalk with which they should play

Stupidity in huge great measure

Stealing away childhood treasure

Whilst prisons burst at the seams

Police down size crimes – to please…

Those Powers That Be

So that they can get more votes

Seizing the UK securely by the throat

Sweeping troubles under the rug

By proclaiming, a 5 yr old – THUG

And so without childhood games

I predict arson flames

as our youth grows in discontent

Violence shows as angers vent

So please – I beg

Government Sir!

Why not let childhood, naturally unfurl?

And all those games of yester-year

be played in our streets

without fear

Posted: Thursday, November 26th, 2009 @ 7:34 pm
Categories: Performance, Poems.
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