Spoogy Book

I was planning to produce the Little Book of Spoogy Poetry properlly this year but unfortunatly my little girl poured water all over it :( Fortunatly I had copies of the actual poems but I lost the drawings as I hadn’t thought to scan them before I put the book together for Jeany.

However – all is not lost as I had taken photos of the drawings! However I will have to completely trace and tidy these up in some drawing type programme – which will take me and an age :( Hopefully I’ll have it done before actually Halloween. This does mean that it probably wont be ‘on sale’ this year and will just be for Jeany.

I know some of you want to buy a copy so I am sorry about that but you will just have to wait!

Posted: Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 @ 8:04 pm
Categories: Poems.
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