New Year of Poetry Me

It’s a New Year and a New Decade and I am upping the heat on my poetry. Recently I have been reading at The Poetry Cafe and at Earshot both of which happen in Cheltenham. Last year I also started reading at tech events such as the Unconference in Bristol and Tech Adventure (also in Bristol!).

But my poetry thirst is growing and I want to do more readings and the like – the more I consolidate all my work the more this seems achievable – I have an arch-lever file literally full of poetry and I am still typing more up!

I went along to another Cheltenham event recently, one that happens once a month called Buzz Words – these are workshops followed by an open mike session. I was really nervous but read anyway knowing that the key to my nerves is to read the first time or not at all!

I was chuffed to have my name recognised as published as I haven’t sent anything off for about a year :)

So basically I am hoping to do more of this sort of thing (hopefully with more invites to events – hint, hint!).

The other thing I came across last year was VisPo (visual poetry) and too my suprise I was already working on the concept myself though I would never have thought to put a name to it. I am currently turning some of my poems into vispo’s for sale on the US market – this has been taking up alot of my poetry time as it were but I believe the imagery and the colour emphasis etc… on the words gives a whole extra depth to the poem.

Also challenges to face this year are World Poetry Writing Month WoPoWriMo) and National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) – the idea being a poem a day! I’m actually really looking forward to these two challenges :)

Ok so that’s alot already but am also hoping to sort out one or two little books of poetry – mainly for kids this year – I have the illustrations almost complete and the poems mostly polished.

So I have a busy poetry year ahead of me :)

Wish me luck!

Oh and also I might be putting some of my poems to music but this relies on other people so we will have to see!

Posted: Thursday, January 7th, 2010 @ 10:26 am
Categories: Poems.
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