Burning Books

Burning Books

An idea is creeping
This concept is bleeding freedom dry
Bleaching our souls to dust
Carving loveliness into nothing

A vision is stealing rational thought
Turning the good to turgid insipidness
Leadership whips to spoil
Leaving people and lands boldly strewn

A nightmare is building out of the hate
Filling the belly of the best
Bubbling with grief that can destroy
Leaching humanity from its core

A cycle is beginning
Blaming, hating – are the new creeds
It begins with books and ends with people
Hold it together and no one is free

A pyre is belching a column in the sky
Smoke dirty as a sewage overflow
How many people will be maimed
For Pride and Glory and the Political Way

Posted: Thursday, February 28th, 2019 @ 10:19 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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