NaPo Music Writing Challenge

I haven’t quite managed an hour a day on songs, mainly due to also working on the illustrations for a Little Book of Easter Poetry for my little girl – but excuses are excuses! On the other hand it is all poetry/words/rhyme/rhythm related so I think I can justify it to myself.

I have been working on several songs, several of which have been written this month – I will not make 30 and over half of them are children’s songs as well :/

So far, song wise, I have:

  1. Firey Retribution
  2. Splish Splosh Splat (Children’s)
  3. My Lovely Babies (Children’s)
  4. Flowing
  5. Stung to Numbness
  6. I Knew a Boy (already on youtube though there is some out of synchness going on :/)
  7. Incomprehensible Me
  8. My Reflection
  9. Little Ghost
  10. A Serpent Feathered White
  11. A Love Song of the Gutter
  12. Bubble of Bone
  13. Strange Little Girl
  14. Lost Little Ones (Bleeding Out the Joy)
  15. Ivy and Mistletoe
  16. Lullabye (Childrens and in my Little Book of New Baby Poetry)
  17. Icky Sticky Mud (Childrens)
  18. Row Your Boat (What Do You See on the Stream) – Childrens
  19. My Bones Are a Battle Field (Adaption from a song I wrote at 15)
  20. The Merry Intwined (Adaption of a song I wrote at 17)
  21. Hey You! (Adaption of another teen song sorry guys!)
  22. Don’t Get in a Jam Honey! (yep another teen song by me)
  23. Mummy I’ve Got a Grumpy Face (Children’s)
  24. Sun is Shining (Children’s – longer version of this)
  25. Driving Along (Children’s)

Hmm looking at this list I am now thinking I could easily make it to thirty songs!

I suppose if it gets close enough I could just sing the my Science Is Vital Rap :/ (Also on Youtube if you want a laugh)

Posted: Thursday, April 14th, 2011 @ 5:42 pm
Categories: Poems.
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