Incomprehensible Me

Incomprehensible me
Pushing down the glory to be
I have a splinter in my soul
You see it and try to take control
You say I think too much
I say thankyou very much
As I clasp one more book in my arms
Trying to quell this spasming heart

Incomprehensible me
Trying to set my mind free
You say I am too bright
I’ll put a lamp shade on my intellect

As who wants to be brilliant
In a world of normality
Picking bones from this mundane academy
Driving me through insanity

Society is making me dim
I bleed out my thoughts
The blank looks make my skin crawl

Incomprehensible me
Even to those in my own family
It doesn’t seem to matter what I start
I am somehow set apart
On my own trying to show these things
Incomprehensible me
On my own against this stream

Tell me I’m more than this geek dream

Because who wants to be brilliant
In a world of normality
No one respects you
They think you’re put together with stupid glue

Incomprehensible me
Jack of all trades
Despised by all
You tell me to specialise
I say I’d rather poke out my eyes

Scares of civilization rack my brain
As I have no niche
Incomprehensible me
Whittled away until my mind stops thinking
You say this is a societal win?
As brain death begins
Looks like its middle management for me

Posted: Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 @ 8:43 pm
Categories: Songs.
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