Month of Poetry

I actually have no idea if anyone else is doing this poetry challenge this year – but I did it last year and it helped me get a good poetic start to the year and to be honest I need to keep going with the poetry. I have lots of kids poetry I want to write – I have sort of actually swamped myself with it.

The Little Books are multiplying! The Little Books of Poetry are something that started a few years ago when my little girl wanted us to write some spoogy halloween poems – the fact she couldn’t pronounce spooky at the time just sort of sparked something and I produced a little book in an afternoon with about six poems in it. Since then I’ve made lots more some and have written and not edited even more. Realising how many poems I had I thought of the idea of The Big Books of Poetry which contain 100 poems rather than the 10.

This idea had me and what with all the writing challenges I’d done last year I actually do have enough to do this. So I am working these Little/Big Books of Poetry including illustrations. That is what this years month of poetry (MoP) is going to be about and then I will probably us WoPoWriMo to try and clear my head of kids rhymes :) You can follow the Books on my illustration and childrens’ stories blog Orange Monster.

Posted: Thursday, January 12th, 2012 @ 12:44 pm
Categories: Little Books, Writing Challenges.
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