Sarah’s Christmas Collection – Audio Book

I have create an audio book / album of various festive stuff – so that is poems from The Little Book of Festive Poetry, a story about a little mouse called Percival’s Christmas Wish and a song, not to mention some actual sleigh bells!

Unfortunately Bandcamp have decided the song is the main thing about it so everything is sort of stuck on that so if you just press play it will play the song and the end credits and miss the poetry and story out! I can’t work out how to stop that happening, I will try, but for now just click the arrows to take you back to the first track of the album. You can listen for free but download costs £3 which goes to buy books for my little girls school library.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Also tomorrow night (Fri 7th Dec 2012) I shall be performing as part of the Cirencester Festive Slam!

Posted: Friday, December 7th, 2012 @ 11:27 am
Categories: Festive, Merchandise, Performance, Poems, Songs.
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