Atos Sin

The turmoil, the pain
The trials to fill in that form again

All your energy
All your time
Don’t you know being ill’s a crime?

Too ill to work
No one wants the lame
But fit for work
Hide your face in shame

And when the humiliation is done
When ATOS and the government have won
You’re not disabled come the sneers
Then a tide of tears…
Gets you harassed on the train
With hate crimes that snap crutches and canes

And yet the hunger begins to burn
As desperation kicks in
What do we learn?

That the Vulnerable are vulnerable
The Unstable, unstable
That those who with benefits could survive
Without may soon die

No… just Strivers
Who have fallen upon hard times
But never mind all that
Just pretend it’s all fine

Posted: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 @ 9:32 pm
Categories: Poems, Political.
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