Remembering Us

October 2nd, 2014

Remembering Us

Written for National Poetry Day 2014

Remember the tide lapping at the shore How we walked on shingled beach War bomber fractured in the mudded flats Metal bones peeking at low tide Recall the estuary filled with birds calling You showed me the eddible weeds That grew there Warm salt, bitter Remember the old lady who swam Hat of neon pink, skin of blue There by the wall They build it as wave defence Black tar oozes and regular concrete blocks Bring to mind the pill box set inside Full of junkies’ needles And discarded love

Remember the storm that ripped the sky Spiking down and blazing the land How the sky turned dark Blistering heat and oppression Broken in the thunder The tent sagged upon itself I got wet But was denied the shelter of you I caught you a green crab By curved chimneys reaching into the sky Their roundness cloud factories You said it was edible You said it didn’t belong We put it back But I got a rash From algal blooms You drove me to town for my prescription

Thinking now Of how thisteled sand spiked my feet You carried me to my tent Where an adda lay in wait I scared it and felt sad We saved an orange ladybird The first we’d ever seen That night I was cold A whole in the canvas let in the night I thought of your arms And dreamt of tangled feet Throbbing footpaths greeted us In a misty summer dawn The mass of creatures writhed Lady bugs of all colours And not just dots but all kinds of shapes They made fitful crunches as we walked I gave up trying to save them Most starved, some bit And the sun set like a child’s painting With a moon that arose on it’s heels The whisper of the waves Lapped froth at day glo sandled feet You gave me a padded shirt To keep me warm It smelt of you

Remember the belt of rope you wore To keep up the cut offs frayed to faded fluff A sometimes shirt tight across your chest The skin turned bronze upon you Whilst I hid in sunblock and gingamed cotton There was no hair upon your chest Though you were older than me We went swimming in the sea I cut my foot on carelessness Oh my polluted sea I wept for the crimes of people You smiled I have always wondered Was it for me? My heart hurt at it’s beauty As to keep you I enthralled you in Greens and greys, browns and blues Blending together in landscapes only we saw I rescued a fledgling So sickly small It hopped on to me I was filled with hope Later laying in long sun dried grass You said it would be fine I believed you though I knew it could not be true And little rabbits stopped near us I caught them to pet You laughed that I released them Each with a new name That meant nothing but my love

Do you remember the bike rides, in the ink of night Drunkness a murmur on everyone but ours breath The smell of wood smoke as we cooked And chatted without care Subjects and philosophies dripped from our tongues The stars were pin pricks of ice In my spin

Remember how it could not last How they said we could not be The disapproval The anarchy We did not have the guts to try And the summer evaporated Autumn put dreams under glass We said goodbye So chaste the taste of you The scent in my mind A look of longing You held my hand And gave me a memory

Amazing Spoken Word Poem About our Education System

April 7th, 2014

Dear Mr Grove

This is an amazingly harrowing spoken word / performance poem about our education system here in the UK by Jess Green.


March 25th, 2014

Visual Poem Shopping

I have been working on my visual poetry journal again lately, this was last nights creation.

The text says:


For shoes, bags, Dresses – That just WOW number
Meaning Nothing in the empty dark
Sinking down on digitised Gold…
Give in and consume, be part of it and dream of meaning
After all there Are Bargins too
Be Found – money drips Away

Berries and Blood – a Give Away

March 16th, 2014

This year is the fifth year (on average) of The Monster Blogs and so I am doing various give aways etc… March I decided to make a hand written and illustrated poetry book called Berries and Blood. There will only ever be a max of ten of these and only that many if I can source the gaze box card I used for the cover – at the moment I have enough for one other copy to be made. There will be other hand made poetry collections but not this one. It may appear as a print edition later but I’m not sure about that yet.

Berries and Blood a hand made poetry book

Hand written and illustrated pages of Berries and Blood waiting to be bound

All my hand written and illustrated books are restricted to ten copies ever. Hand bound with extra hand done extras to the cover are restricted to 100.

To win this book you have to comment below on the thread and I will put all the names in a shaky bag and get one of the kids to pick at random at the end of the month :)

The Void

March 15th, 2014

Sometimes the word spill does not come
The page is blank and the pen still
The void aches, filled with tantalising edges
Glimpses of the worlds that would be

Sometimes they are un graspable
They are elusive things, ghosts of stories
Yet to be written.

Words tumble through the mind
Until the thought is obliterated
The void fills

Pens shifts, fingers clack
Via a compulsion of their own
First as gibberish until structure is imposed

Flowing sweetly onto the page
Barely aware, there is just the writing
To write, the written and be writing
Consumes all until that last word is down


February 18th, 2014

To write the words, I need the thought
To form the thought, I need the pen
To find the pen, I need to shop

The Stationers, aladdin’s cave
Which thoughts should I think
Pink glitter, or stealth nib?

I choose the pen to form the thought
That lurks in the shadows of my mind
Winkled into the light by a tip
Ink slick and smooth

It is an obsession – stationary
A longing for pens, different to hold
Forming different patterns as they glide

The Ghost

February 17th, 2014

The ghost rattled the chimney
Chiming the dust of bricks
Blowing through holes made centuries ago
With nails cut into shape
Jagged and misplaced in darkened wood
Smoke curling, a hand for a moment
The draft from ill fitting pane
Scatters it before a hold could be took
We clogged the sole
With shreds of yesterdays news
You finally slept sound


February 16th, 2014

Whispers of remembrance scorch my ears
Stories of lives left undone
An anchor for ambition
Sinking those that could have grown with the flow
Tears of the soul death
Eating away layers of veneer

Finished! And News.

February 15th, 2014

Yep :) I have 30 new shiny poems written this month – although they are not all narratives or stories as I had intended, which is the reason I will still be writing until the end of the month! I feel quiet chuffed to be at this point considering it is about half way through the month :)

And my husband liked the poem I posted yesterday for him :)

My 8 yr old is still going with her poems and is asking if we can make a book out of them :) And Alaric (hubby) is also working away on his :)

This got me thinking that I might put some writing inspiration stuff on this blog for other poetry and song writers – I do this with my flash fiction blog Magenta Monster and in fact it is what the monster blogs started off as!

Possibly even set little homeworks for people :)

But for now I need to get back to the typing up and editing!

Good luck if you are still trudging your way through the WoPo poem a day challenge.

The Dream

February 14th, 2014

For Alaric and keeping going to be the person you need to be :)

The Dream

You and me we had a dream
Do you remember?
Once we were so keen
Life excitement
The need for extremes
It poured forth
And we bathed
But responsibility
Made us cave
So we sink
Sunk by being brave

And we, you and me
Swam on unnerving wave
Pave the future
Spun on a curve
Dulled by pain
The passion waned
The dream to fade
We, you and me
Once more wade
Out from the shore
As we did before
The dream once more we build
Don’t let emotions kill
Motivation, we have the skill
Break the prediction
No blue pill, no red
Creative zeal

We had this dream you and me
Lets make it real
The kettle’s shrill
Note lets us know
It’s time for tea
And you and me
Will build the dream
That’s how it will be