Strong and Stable

June 7th, 2017

Conservative billboard behind a strong and stable fence

I can’t help but see it as a metaphor The Billboards and the when and where they are Buses and vans with adverts on Placed just so, by the so and sos

Strong and stable blew over in the wind Blocked the roads Congesting the arteries of commerce Is it ironic or perverse?

Strong and stable behind gleaming bars The rich hiding within high security yards Tyrannical with an iron fist Lock it all down…

Drown the the questions With a filibuster or two

A nations of many But only hope for the few

It will certainly be strong and stable Strong and stable fences But not walls No of course we don’t do walls We are British and that’s… an American thing.

And I wish My conservative friends That you would actually talk About what the plans are As it looks to me Like a population cull Done on the sly With conviction, vindiction And a lot of contradiction As if you don’t really mean it As if you’ve not really thought it all through Please tell me there’s a plan That does not involve The old bones freezing, kids starving, And the disabled dying?

Cuts that kill And desperation Writ on the walls By those who’ve gone Beyond crying

Please tell me you don’t want Us all dead, crippled or silenced?

I ask but you remain quiet Ignoring my pleas to be educated To your dreams and aspirations And I remember that Tory Means thief in the old sense In a real senseless sense And I wonder at your sense And ask for justifications

Strong and stable is only As strong as a nations Foundations Build them for the people Not of the bone and blood Of the people Because those foundations slide In their own decay.

And I will protest And Protect Come what May.

May’s Poetic Madness!

May 12th, 2017

Tonight I am In The Slammer the Cheltenham Poetry Festival Slam with a host of fab poets at the Playhouse Theatre, Saturday I’ll be in the Cafe Rene Gloucester for more poetry with Food For Thoughts and Sunday I will be back over into Cheltenham for more Poetry Festival goodness in the Waterstones! Tuesday I’ll be back at the Rene and Saturday in the Brewery Gloucester for Pint of Prose, then I’m running a workshop on the 25th at the Fountain Inn Gloucester and then spouting some sea shanty poetry at the tall ship festival and then back to the Cheltenham Waterstones! May has been a pretty poetic month!

Patreon Bundle

May 5th, 2017

Patreon Bundle for Love: A Stranger Dream

This was the Patreon Bundle for Love: A Stranger Dream when it was first launched :) I thinking of adding some amendments and launching it as a deluxe bundle.

Star Stuff – Villenelles Night March 2017

April 30th, 2017

Performance of my poem Star Stuff at the Gloucester Poetry Societies Villenelles Night.

Busy Poet – Me

April 26th, 2017

Busy poetic time are coming up :)

Thursday 27th of April Villanells Gloucester Fountain Inn from 7-11 pm – I am running a workshop at the beginning of the evening followed by recording performances and interviews organised by The Gloucester Poetry Society

Saturday 29th of April ReneGade Festival 2017 3 -1:30 pm which is opening with Food For Thoughts Poetry performance

May 4th – 15th Cheltenham Poetry Festival, I’ll be in the Slam Friday 12th May 8:30 but will be generally about the place :)

Saturday 20th of May A Pint of Prose organised by the Gloucester Poetry Festival

Plus as many regular nights as I can get too :) Feeling very excited!!! (there might be another slam as well but it just depends on fitting things in!)

Regular Poetry events in Gloucester and Cheltenham are:

Buzzwords 1st Sunday of every month in Cheltenham

Speakeasy 1st Tuesday of every month in Gloucester

Waterstones Poetry Night Monday evenings in Cheltenham

Poetry Cafe 2nd Wednesday of the month in Cheltenham

Food For Thoughts variable but during the afternoon once a month at the weekend in Gloucester

Villanelles last Thursday of every Month in Gloucester

Cheltenham Poetry Societies Kickstart Workshops 1st Tuesday of the month in Cheltenham

Jam Back at the Tav every Wednesday evening primarily music but accepts spoken word in Cheltenham

Villanelles Workshop

April 17th, 2017

Exciting poetry things are a foot in Gloucester (UK) at the moment – one such thing is the night Villanelles at the Fountain Inn. The night includes recording poetry for the Gloucester Poetry Societies Youtube channel, an open mic and… starting with this coming event… workshops :)

Which a few of us will be running – I am running the next one on the 27th April 2017, the whole event is 7-11 with the workshop being at the beginning.

For those of you who can not make it to the physical event I will be making a digital archive of workshops, will much over lap with the WoPoWriMo site.


April 7th, 2017

A few years ago I came across a rather novel publishing company – at the time crowd sourcing was still a relatively new thing. I was working at a music festival running workshops when my little girl spotted something of interest elsewhere on the festival grounds.

It turned out to be the QI Elves, we had seen them the year previously at the festival but as a small little aside in one of the bars with basically quiz machine games. This was different.

We all beat the QI elves with our questions/answers and won ourselves badged and I got an autographed photo. I can’t remember if it was that year or the next that they were sharing a tent with Unbound?

There were a series of author talks as well as the QI elves and lots of fun optical illusion stuff etc… to be honest I can’t remember which year was which nor which festival it was!

But we signed up to the crowd-sourced and funded publisher Unbound and got lots of badges.

Subsequent years we bought books, and saw Robert Llewellyn who does many things including writing books though obviously most people know his TV career. They have brought me poets and writers and the QI elves and I have watched the various projected get funding… or not. My husband has help celebs (ok well Alan Davis) find the right bit of the festival for their talks and I’ve asked lots of questions I would not have had the oppurtunity to do other wise.

Basically you vote by making a money pledge which gets refunded to you if the project you are backing fails. There are different reward tiers and it works really well for books that would never be considered by traditional publishers but need that little bit extra than most self publishers could manage.

So yeah we love this project and I thought I would just bring it to peoples attention :)


Shadowing Souls

March 28th, 2017

Shadowing Souls from A Stranger Dream

For the initial launch of Love: A Stranger Dream I made these little figurines out of polymer clay and beads. They are 3D colour representations of the little Shadowing Souls that appear through out the visual poem.


March 21st, 2017

Infinities book mark for Love: A Stranger Dream

I created some bookmarks to go with A Stranger Dream, using the art work and the laminator – I really like how they have come out :)

Blue Stickers!

March 16th, 2017

Blue Stickers for Love A Stranger Dream

When I ordered the promotional stickers for my non-linear visual poem colouring in book on identity Love: A Stranger Dream these lovely blue stickers turned up, I think they were a mistake there was only like three of them and the rest were all the black and white as requested. But actually I really love the effect and kind of want to get the stickers done in green, magenta and so on.