Events and Other

July 15th, 2016

Well it has been a busy summer already and we are only about half way through!

I’ve just finished my main festival rounds but still have a couple to go!


16-17 July – Horoscope Life and Ecstasy – performance

19th-21st Aug Maze Festival – performance

27-28 August – The Grand Mock-Tales and Creativity Tea – workshops and creative drives

Nov – Purple Fest


1) A Stranger Dream – visual poetry colouring in book thingy

I am hoping to do markets and stalls in autumn and run up to Christmas so that people can get their hands on Love: A Stranger Dream merch which is all currently sitting in my bedroom needing new homes! (p.s. you get some when you sign up to my Patreon. The first 6 months some of it is Patreon exclusives but after that time period it will appear in my Etsy shop).

There is also a dress in the making so I can literally wear and be my visual poem 😀

2) The Political Converse – poetry, audio and art

There is already a little zine of this name containing 10 poems (warning contains opinions) and a few audio files on my Bandcamp but there is so much more that needs to appear. I have cartoons I started two elections ago which just need inking and scanning – I have the Brex-Shit colouring sheets which when finished will be a visual poetry colouring book though not quiet like Love: A stranger Dream!

The album needs updating and a second zine needs producing as I have enough poems for that now.

There is also another two songs I need to finish recording and editing – the over all plan is that there will be a double album of songs and poetry with an art book and/poetry collection to go with it.

Again zines come with Patreon subscription other wise you have to wait to catch me at an event or when I put them in the Etsy shop!

3) Turquoise Monster Collection – poetry collection

Pretty much just need to get around to putting it up on Amazon, zine/chapbook of and pdf are no more but I may resurrect if there is interest as I have not reached the 1000 copy cut off I places on myself for chapbook production :)

4) The Little Books – kids poetry

Home mades and short runs of these 10 poem collections for kids have been about a few years now – I’ve got workshops based on them which I take to Lit Fests and into schools etc… and they did only start out as a thing for my kids and then a thing to raise some money to buy books for the school… I think it’s time they become proper books you can buy on the net etc… this will include a seasons collection of four rolled into one including the stories I’ve added to the audio versions of the books.

5) Vispo – concret, illustrated poems

Obv. I’ve already mentioned Brex-Shit which is scathing satirical works on the farce that is current british politics (warning it’s not kind to anyone some colouring sheets are already up and ready for you as some free stress relief).

But there is also a mythical creatures illustrated poetry book in the works – I have most of the images sketched but not inked and there are a lot of them and I am still deciding the exact format of the book but as and when they appear I will pop them up on Wigglypet Press for you guys.

The Neons – a secret Patreon project so that is all I shall be saying 😀


Ok so part of what I do is science communication – I mainly have puppet shows and science-craft, exploration workshops but a little side project to this is trying to link the science back to poetry :)

Of course I can always just write poems about the scientist puppets but I like to actually link them – so for example Ada Lovelace is Byron’s daughter (yes the Byron), Darwin a) wrote poetry b) was the grandson of a poet, Brahmagupta wrote his maths in sanskrit which used verse for such things and so on – basically if you know of any little snippets like these – please share them with me :) I would be very grateful :)

Thankyou muchly.

I think that is everything for now 😀

Paid-Mockracy Video

July 14th, 2016

Video of my political performance piece Paid-Mockracy.


July 13th, 2016

Part of the lock and key
Chain and stock
of Slavery
To “counteract” plebiscite democracy
Is this really what you want to see?

An intellectual elite
Is sweet
Like rotting meat
Cos my family are no
dimmer than me
with my degree
I was just lucky
I got to go to university

And that’s part of the problem
With no safety net to catch
Futures can be snatched
Pushed back down
Never to bloom
Stunted in the ground
Because its hard
No one hands you
A get out of jail free card
When there’s no bank of mum and dad
It doesn’t make you bad
but career is a pipe dream
When you are floundering in the stream

No buffer to fall back on
Yes if you make it you are strong
But you shouldn’t have to be
Exclusion is exclusion
and that is wrong
Like taking the vote
Off of “little scrotes”
Without bothering to ask why
Without checking the stats
On who and how we die
Of socio-economic class
And how getting by
Makes you pass
The chance of better
It’s a gamble
Gambling’s for tools
When it’s not just your future
On the line

You can climb out the poverty pit
Fooled ya!
Can’t believe you fell for that shit

So think

When you take the vote away
When you make people pay
That’s tyrannies way

Is paid for in blood
Yours and mine
Whilst fat cats dine
On the wine
Of generational wealth
Dynastic stealth
Toast to monarchies health

Violence rocks the boat
Bloated faces gloat
At what they have or have not done
This road is short and a dreadful one
We know the destination
It ends in devastation

Human rights anulled
To the highest bidder
Who’s the winner?
When the masses are sent to war
Because you know who dies?
That’s right the poor
In shit and gore

Those with little to loose
Those who don’t get to choose
Those powerless against
convincing rouse
Societal’s short fuse
Whilst the comfy snooze
And the desperate booze
Their way to an early grave
Which is still later than our young brave

The unknown solider
Who shoulders the blame
Of buildings caved in
Of genocide’s sin
Self mutilation
Of nations
Self cannibalism to win


Is eating us from within.

Better, Broken and Betrayed

June 26th, 2016

Love, Hope, Perseverance and Serenity

My Britain is broken,
but I shall try to fix it,
though it may have to be in a shape new,
Scotland I want to keep you,
you are a part of me,
but I think you should go,
for your own sake,
though I scream don’t leave us behind!
Maybe North and South can make piece
be whole and Ireland will be an Island once more.
Wales won’t be far behind, Cornwall?… the isles?
well you think on it ok.

It’s fractured from a blow,
not sure where the crack propagation will end.
The EU they say is sinking, disintegrating,
and I look on History and see how World Wars begin
I shudder.

And I hope that you are right and I am wrong,
because if you are right then the consequence…
are that I look silly,
and lose the career
I have been building for a decade or more,
but I will swallow that if the Nation,
if the world is better off.
I hope you are right but I fear
yes I mean FEAR, you are wrong.

For I am petrified with what I have seen,
in this referendum,
how natures spill and split,
becoming vengeful with spite,
my own included

But what ever the outcome,
I will be kind
as I can make the world as good as I can,
here in the now in this place.
I picked up the smashed wine glass at the bus stop outside the polling station so the toddlers would not get cut,
I removed the jagged glass bottle,
cracked into caltrop from the step of the hair salon,
so delicately sandled feet would not be cut.
And though I feel isolated and stabbed in the back,
by family and friends who knew…
I needed the EU funding but voted the way they voted,
crowing about it,
that they did that anyway,
Knowing me, I – part of them needed this thing,
I, not some amorphous “other”,
But ME
And all the rejection and hurt I feel…
I am going to lengths to try and not fall out,
though the anger is bubbling over,
and I feel betrayed and bewildered
and worried.

Worried that I have two kids to bring up within this mess.
I hope it’s all worth it, I really do,
but I feel we are all in free fall
I’m not sure there’s a parachute packed.

I painted these pictures to remind me not to hate:
Perseverance and…

but they are chaotic,
as we know not the way the wind will blow.


June 23rd, 2016

They queued up one by one by one,
They laid their necks upon the space,
That had been blunted by generations,
Of freedom so the blade above was forgotten,

They spewed anger into the streets,
Again and again with blood letting,
Pulverised the apples
They left the rotten core,

They queued up one by one by one,
Lost and afraid and turned to fear,
By those seeking scapegoats and straw men,
The burnings began with a flag not a book

Luckily it failed
As the fires that would be – failed
All those flames that would have wiped out homes
Families – tamed by regulations
And yes that is a double edged blade
But one that can be honed and perfected
If not mangled and melted

They burnt the homeless mans tent
All he had within
by the KFC
They… wanted out
They… feel powerless, they are askewed
And I told you treat people like shit
They will believe in that shit
They will become that shit
They will cling on by finger nails of reasoning
They are reactionary
They are not stupid
They are in survival mode
Be grateful if you’ve never known it

You drove the wedge
Sinking it deeper in financial lines
You laughed at expletives used as words
You decided that those there, they are beneath you
No education, no prospects,
No realisation of the rights they posess,
But you don’t know how hard it is to climb out
You don’t see the hollow cheeks of despair
The despised in the food line
Aggressive architecture to stop the homeless resting
The charity warehouses and centres closed

People on the edge
People growing weary
People ready to bite
They bit
The hate is unleashed

I vote remain
They vote go
You vote maybe one way maybe not

And the fists are primed
And we are the meat
All of us are the meat
Pounded and pulverised
The meat
That’s US
Us within or without
But within at least we wont be cut
As much

Don’t be brave
Brave people do stupid things
Don’t vote with your heart
That again is a reactionary thing
Stop… look and think!

What do I want?
What about the other?
Crack down the wall of us and them
Tribalism is cannibalism
Don’t condemn the opposition
Let them speak
Listen and…
Then debate
No name calls
Or flotillas on the Thames
Amusing as it all is
It is dire in it’s consequence

We queue up one by one by one
We queue….
We wait
What ever the result
I hope we have not unleashed the plague
Of Fascism.

Slams and Other News

May 13th, 2016

Tonight Friday 13th I will be performing in the Cheltenham Poetry Festivals Slam – Slam Burger. I will be swearing on stage, in a poem, this is actually an incredibly hard thing for me to do… I can just see all the little old ladies from the church of my youth frowning at me in my head – none-the-less the poem needs to be said and so it shall be.

I will still come last :) I always do! (Except the time I came second from last!). But I do tend to get myself mentioned in news papers with poems that are “rants against the government”, even if they can’t spell my name right (newspapers never get my name right! or if they do they spell my kids or husband’s name wrong!). The article is from last weekends Slam – a fantastic even of sparkling dark and joy.

Swindon's 20th annual Poetry Slam

It was the 20th annual slam and I think the longest consecutive poetry slam in the UK. I poddled down there with the lovely poet, actor and comedian Joy-Amy who unlike me came a fantastic and well deserved 2nd :)

In other news I am still uber busy with the colouring book visual poem A Stranger Dream: Love that a launched at the end of April. It is steadily selling and I have actually gotten around to sending out some review copies (yes I know it is supposed to happen before you release the book :) ).

Posting out copies of A Stranger Dream

I sold out of the heart handled mugs with the art work Love on it – one of the pictures from the book. I have ordered more and they have now arrived :) I am still sorting out the Normal Mugs with normal handles but will have them soon :)

Yesterday the first lot of artwork badges arrived and I have homed 3 of them already :)

Shut up Badges from A Stranger Dream

There is a still quiet a bit of a to-do list to get everything I want to go with the book/be done with the art work :)

So far no bad reviews (that wont last but for now I am basking).

I am down to just two copies of the books I had to sell – there is another lot en-route, I will have them with me tonight at the poetry slam. Otherwise the next chance to buy the books and artwork stuff from me is going to be The Mini-Mall Con in June :)

(I may also be making Alaric dress as young spock once again which as those who came to my 30th know is a treat worth it’s weight in jelly beans!).

Of course you can order it on line from Amazon.

I hope to be doing more shows, stalls and things with it and I will be seeing if I can make the video of good enough quality to maybe show at an event but we are looking at next year for that sort of thing :)

Stories and poems are starting to go up on the various Monster Blogs once more which has been a long time coming thanks to head bang stuff. However slight change… they now tend to get pre-viewed on my Patreon account for those who are supporting me financially – to be honest though it paid for me to launch and create A Stranger Dream I still do not have quiet enough to be replacing the tech I need to replace and to make the blogs ad free etc… So if you find yourself with monies and you want to see stories and art from me… (yeah I hate asking for money but you know it has to happen or I actually can’t afford to be producing this stuff!).

Anyway…. my patreon.

Also – yes a lot of alsos :) I will have art at Art in the Park Cheltenham this summer.

And lastly – I really liked working on A Stranger Dream colouring in book, about 2 weeks in I made a list of other colouring in books I would like to make both poetry and not poetry based. So last week I popped a poll up to narrow down which one to work on next. I only gave four options and the ability for people to suggest other things… the resounding favourite option was Myths and Legends so I have started work on that.

I have a couple of commissions at the moment so it has to fit in around them but it has begun!


Opps I lied one more thing or maybe two!!!

I will be doing a set at Science Show Off in Bristol on Weds 25th of May at the Grain Barge – there will be stars and poems and possibly a puppet but hopefully no singing!

And there will be steam punk and science-craft workshops run by me at Wychwood Musical Festival :)

I do have a news letter…

I think that’s everything but probably isn’t!

Hope to see local peeps tonight!

Colouring Book Poll

May 6th, 2016

Obviously I have only just launched A Stranger Dream: Love a non-linear visual poem as a colouring book but… well people have been asking about other books – now I have a long list of other potentials but thought I’d see what people want :)

Yes it’s on twitter – I’m not quiet sure how this works but if you can’t click the options on there then just comment :) Also I am happy to consider other suggestions :)

Thanks muchly :)

A Stranger Dream – Virtual Launch Party

April 21st, 2016

Love: A Stranger Dream

This weekend (22-24 April 2016) there will be a virtual launch party for my non-linear visual poetry colouring in book A Stranger Dream. It is a stark book, a book of hate and isolation, a book of hope and love. The images tackle the thorny issues of self-identity and the pain of isolation and ostracism, of critasism and the violence society often enacts on those who do not conform.

Of communities once inclusive, self cannibilising.

It is a narrative of my self, it is the story of SELF, of everyone, it is a cyclic jumbled mess, it is non-linear, the circles of society, family, culture and religion are intersection, concentric, exclusionary, overlapping, non-ecludian rings.

The colouring book is not The Form of the poem but it is a form of it. There is going to be a gallery where people can add their colouring in efforts – I hope that together we can turn stark hurt into rainbows.

Splice and Split rainbow

Electronically I will spend this weekend pinging between various social media and blogs. Namely this one and Snell-Pym.

There is a Facebook Event, a Google+ Event, a twitter hashtag # astrangerdream and my patreon account (which will have hidden extras in it for patreons only).

I have a t-shirt – with Identity Clinging on it – I used the wrong image ie not the bordered one I’d used for the book so there are white lines where there should be none – but I have a fix for this! I also plan to turn it into a dress or at least make a matching skirt for performances.

Sarah Snell-Pym in her Identity Clinging T-shirt

There will be merch for sale, there are stickers to give away and there are beautiful mugs and poetry cards and so much more!

I did a blog post about the origin and work that went into the making of A Stranger Dream: Love on Snell-Pym.

And you can still download the individual images for free – yes I am selling a book with them in but I want my work as accessible as possible. With the book you are paying for the nice book, for the boarders and a bit of extra editing. It is currently showing as £10+ I meant it to be £7+ if you buy the £10 + version let me know as I have a goody bag to post to you!


March 21st, 2016

It’s World Poetry Day – I napped and had a lucid dream – I made it the poem.

Tides Visual Poem


August 13th, 2015

I see a heart beat
And it twists in my mouth
With bites bitting the biter
Bloody matter drools
Into pinkish blips
Of nothing much
Vacant tears failing
No cascade of pain
Instead a rush of maybes
Tricking moments
Weaving webs
Memories catching
I can not free them
Clipping and clacking
Waisting the wish
Until skeletons of the Me
Is all that remains
Locked and lost with the loss of self
Seen within my myogenic pulse