July 16th, 2020

Regrets slithered blind to the pain
They struck, and the hearts they withered
The dark sweet tears marked the passing
And drips of sorrow carved new lands

One full of hollows echoed, what had been
Rebounded but the wells were drained
By the more numerous memories of supposing
Could ofs, should ofs… would have beens

My Heart

July 9th, 2020

My heart lies on the floor
Rancid rotten meat
It began dying
Decades ago
When yours refused to beat


July 6th, 2020

You know you
Or think you do
With your pirated response
Ignoring all
Potential hazards
And leaving it all to chance
By combination
And unending obession
You think it’s the very concept
Of intelligence
But you escape the foresight
That you are not always
That you never
Set out to do anything good
Not in any given hour
And so you die slowely
By inches
Until you slid into
Forgotten corners
With just yourself for company
Getting restless
As there is no room
You have out grown yourself
This must be error
But you learnt it from the parental
The heritage principle
It is anything but simple
Because now there is no force
That you can use
To change
It is all outside of your control
So sit back
There is a proper dress code
For you
And your existential limbs
At the root of existence
Where you live
Within the heart of blood
A volcano wrestling with itself
To somehow leave
Lasting greatness

Waiting Lost on The Salt Sea Shore

June 29th, 2020

Waiting lost on the salt sea shore

Waiting lost like never before 

Locked in time and locked in space

 Waiting with unforgiven grace 

Listening lost on the salt sea shore

Listening lost like never before 

Birds do sweep and birds do swoop 

Waiting for the death time coup

Looking lost on the salt sea shore

Looking lost like never before 

Rocks that crumble and mud that seeps

 Waiting for the one that weeps 

Crying lost on the salt sea shore 

Crying lost like never before 

Tears will come and tears will flow

 Waiting for that under toe 

Being lost on the salt sea shore

 Being lost like never before

Skirts that flutter and skirts that swish 

Waiting for her eternal wish

The Hopeless

June 16th, 2020

Forgiveness hung on the edge of death
Keyed to an outcome
Maybe gold could fix the reality
Restoring the dreams magnificence
You see when the dream shattered
It shredded the love
Ripping compassion
Leaving only tatters
Which clogged the heart
Smothered in blood
Breath struggled
Drowning in the remembering
Of a trust betrayed
Ghost eyes weep
Sanitising the wounds
Oozing with pestilence and pain
Fatigued the battle is hopeless
There are only so many tears that can be cried
And with them is brought
A different kind of infection


June 11th, 2020

I am broken
But I am breaking more
Than I am broke
Sometimes I am the breaker
Stuck behind my flaws
This silence I long to break
To open the door
But it broke
At my stroke
Hear my roar
Apply the break
A screech of C. SHARPE
Sends shards of self
On the floor
I am half baked
Broke on the create
What am I…
Good for?

Writing Foundations

June 6th, 2020

How many words must I write to draw the path
A path that maybe followed
How many drops of ink to mark a phrase
A phrase that sears to the bone
How many scrapes and scratches
Stains upon the page
To show the story within the tale
The tale inside the narrative
Narrative that just needs to be told
I do not know but the words they come
Slow or fast
Clogged and bursting
Fits and starts
Words that fill us up one mind at a time
The paradox of being the filler up
When the fuller the mind
The larger the ideascape
An ideascape of problem solving capabilities
No limits only challenges
Thought cascade…
splurged on the page.

Dark Roses and Dreams

May 28th, 2020

I threw dark roses into the sea One for you and another for me

The road we trod upon was hell Our destination? Well who can tell?

Those roses they float upon the waves We’ll never sit easy in different graves

Cos you and me is forever Time and death will never sever

But that doesn’t mean you belong to me No one should cage what should be free

Petals drift down to abyssal floor Where in decay they become something more

Part of several bigger tales Love is triumph even when it fails

Dark roses washed on the shore We are whole for now and ever more

I will stand by your side Together we shall have no need to hide

Little roses and stranger dreams Love mixes with such gothic themes

Two little roses and two little dreams No not those suicidal love packed memes

Dark little roses deep in hue One is for me and one is for you

A future spun upon the wheel That cuts and bits and makes you feel

Just as the thorn of the rose A blood drip for lips is how this one goes

I threw the roses into the sea A sacrifice for a little you and a littlier me


May 21st, 2020

Memories catch on
Puddle ducks and suirrally squirrals
Bar lambs and piggy wigs
All the floatsom of childhood
Bobbing on the brain
Tank engine in blue
Fire trucks in red
Building blocks in green
Ducks of yellow –
Dynastic citizens of the bath
Dolls for the changing
And mud pies for the baking
All the barbed wire of innocence
Snagging at a toweling sleeve
Keeping out the world
But not for long.

Mine Eyes

May 11th, 2020

They are mud and grass and sunset skies,
dull with fatigue though often bright with tears,
they darken at memories and lighten with laughter.

Fleck speckles break the radial lines,
the iris is distorted by lens and through the eye glasses,
thick and cumbersome.

Oval pupils subtly not cat slits.