Bedroom Tax

September 21st, 2019

It was my husbands birthday
He was 34 when they came a knocking at the door
We expected Avon or Betterware
Instead three kids stood there
“Excuse me could you take our kitten please
No sir it aint a tease
Our mum says we’ve got to move soon
We’re going to share a room
We thought it would be okay
But she got a message today
They say we can’t take little kitty
They say kittens are too shitty

Well what could we say to that?
We resigned ourselves to owning yet another cat
Later that day their mum brought round
All the cat bits she’d found
Whilst packing up her family to go
And I pondered on the man that made this so
The man who lives in a great big home
Sitting on his privileged thrown
Telling this family on my block
How their lives are full of excess and rot
When all they’ve ever done
Was the best that they could
But bedroom tax
Is just for the lowest of income
Swinging millions over the edge
Of an already precarious balanced ledge
Surely our leaders should do some sums
And take their heads out of their bums
Cos at least they could move
Many can not and are stuck in a rut and a groove
A groove that forever deepens
The deal that for self serving millionaires only sweetens
The rich get richer and the rest get poor
I wonder what other treats they’ll have in store
Our kitten was a victim of the bedroom tax
Come on sense it needs to be axed!

A sea of words

September 16th, 2019

A sea of words
bounded by a shore of concept
Towers built
of language
Flash out meaning
Standing on the island of convention
saving the would be drowned
In vessels of knowledge
seeking the catch of inspiration
Looking to the horizon for ideas

The Twin I Shall Never Be

September 6th, 2019

I wonder what it would have been?
This life not on my own
A companion from my earliest days
Would you have been pleased with me?
What would you have looked like?

I miss you
I’ve craved you all my life
Looked for you in my earliest days
Not content on my own
Never on my own

Because I was not alone
Not at the beginning
Before the world
You were there
A companion
Where did you?

Did I do something wrong?
Condemned to seek
What I knew should have been
Where you scared?
I know I am
Life is hard
Did you know that?

You abandoned me
Before our birth
Left me alone
I almost followed
Sometimes I wish I had
For now I am always alone

Jean’s Welly’s

August 26th, 2019

Jean’s wellys are rather smelly
As she wont wear her socks
So when we go walking
She gets blisters the size of rocks
But what’s worse is those blisters burst
And she expects to be nursed!
With a wail and a whimper
It’s home we flitter
Meaning poor mummy ain’t gonna get no fitter!

Writing for Academia

August 21st, 2019

Words pinning meaning to a board
Trapping and caging the wild thought
But no death here only growth
Tethered and tamed sensation caught

Calling The Ice Queen

August 16th, 2019

Calling the ice queen
Invoking the winters heart
knowing the sting
of frost upon lash and cheek
Numb toes
Wading wading
Through the snow
That fell and drifted
And glinted
Sometimes blue
Other times pink
Often with yellow ambers glint
But mainly grey
To match the sky
Except when it bruises
And Blizzard is on her way
To cover all
Until a blue sky
Scudded with fluff
Turning snow
To melts
That rush and gush and flood
Or flash freeze at the edge of night
Glass hard skating rink
Unseen and unknown
Cherish the scars it leaves
and know
you are lucky
kiss a fractal dream
drifting beautifully
And perfect to the dirty ground
A wind is sharp
Cuts and slices
The teeth of ice grow
Glacial times
Wrapped and warped
kiss the crystal
Love the queen
See the purple stars
And the white drops grow
Winter’s Blooms
It’s beauty harshness
Cuddle up to bring warmth
Waiting cacooned
For the defrost
When she may ride
Free to dance with the stars
In the deeps
Of our lonely galatic skies
In the end
The cold is all that will remain
A frozen moment
At the end of time

I Dreamed of You

August 6th, 2019

I dream of you in the darkest of hours
I dream of such warmth, cuddles embraced
I dream of love in colours of light
I dream of the delightful soul you bare

I dream of eyes like vaults of the sky
I dream of lips soft: rose, bud, feather
I dream of hair in chocolate hues
I dream of hands full of gentle grace

I dream of times shared together
I dream of memories, our secret film
I dream of whispers and golden sounds
I dream of pure addiction to you my love

Writing Fantasy

July 28th, 2019

Words racing ahead still
Crawling, sprinting across the mind
Constructing worlds not yet known
An infinite number yet to find

Writing Poetry

July 21st, 2019

Words dancing wild with life
Threading meaning around a core
Building shape as the form
Showing the picture with something more

Little Kitten

July 16th, 2019

Little kitten plucked from the ground
To be hugged and petted and stroked all round

Shame the fur ball shows it’s fear

You see all cats know the score
Weather they have black, white, ginger or mottled paws

When all the children want to do is pet
The pusskin fears it is time for the vet

But this little kitten is lucky today
And the children really do just want to play

And so with love and bits of string
The kitten pounces and does her thing

The children giggle and jump about
Until the kitten tires and dreams of splishing, sploshing, tasty trout