The Tome

January 28th, 2020

The Tome is reclusive in nature
Hiding nestled upon the shelf
In clusters of almost reads
Leafs and leaves and sheafs
With lives their own
Collecting dust
Raising silver fish
To make lace of words
Pretty in decay


January 24th, 2020

Suddenly my world did seem
so hateful nasty and obscene

Cold within cold without
I hate you I wanna shout

You took my hand you took my trust
And then you ground it all to dust

Star Stuff

November 21st, 2019

Star stuff filtered through the cosmos
Star stuff smaller than dust
Hurtling away from explosive stella deaths

Star stuff heavy metal elements of choice
Star stuff light hydrogen and helium in plasma soup
Colliding, destroying, reforming
Different atoms to be
Diffusing out from red giant expansion
Layers of reaction
Different star mechanisms for different elements
Star stuff permeating the void
Drifting away from it’s crucible bed of origin

Star stuff amalgomated clouds, a nursery shroud
Nebulea of new star birth and planetary spheres
Spinning in eccentric concentric dance

One planet of star stuff
Still pummeled by larger bits of star dust
A planet like all made of star stuff
A planet were the inorganic began to replicate
A planet were star stuff became organic
Became something more, became organised into organisms

Star stuff alive
Star stuff crawling on beaches of star dust
With elements of stella origins making up the cellular core

Star stuff walk
Star stuff talk
Star stuff refines elements from stella explosions
Ands send a rocket to the stars
Star stuff has been watching the starts since it first became aware
Now it is time for star stuff to truelly see what is out there


November 15th, 2019

Beauty defined
Seek completion in the hunger burns
Hating self
Reflection worse
Blazing the power of denial
Filling shrunken belly with water
Exercise to manic heights
Shin splints, lips split
Hidden and hiding
Hair lank but glossed bright
smoking the need away
Jitter, fidget, stare intense
Rearrange the room
Pick at a cushion
Weight and waiting
hurting inside
Self justifying
Self punishing
Self canabilizing
Giving you the right to live
And still that wish
Dying in the body by degrees
Eyes bright
As to you
Life becomes more complete

I Want

November 6th, 2019

I want to be free but without loosing those who tethered
I want to be without pain but not without sensation
I want to achieve what I can see without killing what I can’t
I want to lose the fear of the dark without loosing empathy
I want to solidify my dreams without crystalising the nightmares
I want to seek the stories of me without fear of the adventure
I want to hear the words without fearing the truth
I want to loose control without the danger of life
I want to sing the heart without breaking the mind
I want to fear the sensible without being petrified
I want to scream to the hills without the echos within
I want to be me… without scaring you.


October 28th, 2019

I am an orange ball
Bouncing up and down
Bright and glaring
Guiding others
Showing them how to sing
This song
An important song
I start by building them
Cell by cell
Until they are free
Then I feed them
So they grow
And learn

I am an orange ball
Sometimes they sing high
And sometimes low
Sometimes the note
Is broken
But I keep going
A momentum
That pulses with love
One day
They will not need the ball
But shall sing life’s
Chorus on their own
Maybe they will remember
A little orange ball.

Over Edit

October 21st, 2019

They killed the poem with over punctuation
Licking wounds with ticks and commers
Bullet wholes peppered the corpse
Fulle stops bleeding holes of stattico gun fire
They cut the flesh from it leaving a skeleton of stark meaning
Intracasies in a depth of deep meanings
It was sadly edited into a shallow grave

Sound Built

October 16th, 2019

What of the sound that built the word?
What of the word that built the story?
What of the story that built the concept?
What of the concept that built the world?
What of the world that built the people?
What of the people who built the sound?

Just a Girl

October 6th, 2019

Just a girl broken, small
Just a girl smiling faintly
Just a girl tearful, restrained
Just a girl hurting
Just a girl no one on her own
Just a girl full of hate
Just a girl seeming insane
Just a girl on her own
Just a girl longing
Just a girl numbed by the shout
Just a girl locked within
Just a girl seeking
Just a girl in pain
Just a girl reduced to shadow
Just a girl frail ghost
Just a girl crying
Just a girl hiding from self
Just a girl on emotional overload

Imprints of Love

September 26th, 2019

My heart is imprinted with stark lines
Grooved with ware and chipped on the many edges
Love the life blood oozed into the channels
And trickled in an endless march down
Sticky drops coagulated in mounds
Building columns of gore – a store of memories
Tossed to the ground
Piles of shredded dreams
Skittered in the wind of hope
As it gusts into a palatable storm.