All Your Internets Belong To Us

August 28th, 2018

All your internets belong to us
All your message exchange we see
To Whom and when and where
So don’t you dare
Step out of line
Or we will spy
Listen with taps upon the line
Are you disobeying?
Did you buy a chicken
Offer your boyfriend a licking?
We’ll decide what’s right and wrong
All you have to do is go along for the ride!
The Unemployed don’t need no pride
All your Prides belong to us
We’ll strip you of your rights
If there was enough prisions
you’d all be wearing strips
All your asses belong to us
All your lives as well
But hell
Without the nhs they wont be long or well
All your lives
All your lives
All your lives
Belong to us
So be quiet now
that’s right
don’t make a fuss

Seclusions Light

August 21st, 2018

Thatched hut hidden
Gemmed light
Gloaming the green-gold
Of transendence
As thoughts pile up
Slide into sleepy contemplation


August 16th, 2018

Pale brown
Smoothly warm
Oil twinge
Metallic sweet
Acrid burny tingling
Comfort relax
down time


August 10th, 2018

The feather floated down from the bird
It was made of sugar spun
Soft and sweet
Such feathers covered a body of chocolate
On feet of cake
A bird who built the nest
Who hatched from the egg
That the easter bunny laid

The bird sat next to puppies of sour dough
Sustainance to kids so sick
becoming healthy with medicines hospitals made
Beds strewn with flowers of pink
Candy shades of pills
Tablets the colour of sea side rock
And drips of sweat and salt
And blood

The children waited with sore eyes and missing limbs
Waited for treats
And stories to kill the time of boredom
Not knowing to fear that they could have been the killed
But suspecting something

The Girls Room

July 28th, 2018

Mary and Jean’s room is such a mess
You can’t see the floor
As they have so many toys
Toys they have galore!
There are teddies, dollies
cars and trains
and don’t forget the spacecraft
and the planes!

There’s coloured blocks
buried beneath bar sheep socks
And Jean’s collection of interesting rocks
There are soft blankets to snug
Iridescent glow in the dark slugs
Dragons and monsters and more
All stuck as stickers upon the door
Plus a papier mache castle – cor!

There are dinosaurs and tigers,
butterflies and flowers
Dress up cloaks to give them super powers
A clock with brightly coloured cogs
Floppy cuddly big eared dogs
Not to mention the jumping frogs
The scattered board games
And a computer that has been tamed
A picture of a black bird framed on the wall
Books full of adventures cascade
And then as the day light fads
Two explorers find sleep hard to evade
Curled up in dozy dreams
Within a time machine
Made of blankets and bunk bed beams
It’s time for snoozing and some epic dreams!


July 21st, 2018

Dark rhythm beat pound
Star pin wheel
Dizzying array
Intoxication life
Pollute interllect
Burning thought
Myred grave
Sick stomache
Slosh of pain
Icy dread
Sinking to the marrow
Spun silk thread
Stregthen fragile form
Echo of grace


July 15th, 2018

Little blisters of atmosphere
Litter the hillside
Coloured flowers
Of festival field
Flutter in breeze
Banner bright
Storm lit trees
Rain soaked vibrance
Sun and cloud
Bubbles arising
Liquid dreams
An offering to the sky
A rainbow arch
Fixing memories
To the minds eye


July 10th, 2018

Fairy taodstalls by the bar
Science in the big top
Mice appearing from top hats
Flowered head garlands
And silk head scarfs
A face painted tiger in pink
Called Jean
With monster feet
And fluffy luminous tail
And pompom sheep
Ageing cyber hippies
Playing pre-punk goldies
Drum circle pounding
Of an ice-cream filled 6 yr old
Vegan curry consumed
in a dedowin tent
Toddlier with fresh festy wellies
Falls in the mud
Grinning from ear to ear
Asks for milk and settles to the soothing tones
Of the Cadbury Sisters
Pizza and a late drive home

Grandmother Titanic

June 28th, 2018

The smell of wood vanish and plimsol rubber
in the slanted sunlight
The school hall a glow
Cross legged and ego we waited
as an old old lady
wrinkled and furry soft
A grandmother like nanny and granny
Weary flat stretched grey shoes
and floral print dress
Hair curled in a white candy floss suasauges
She is helped to the seat
We look at stockings shear and rumpled
As she tells her tale
The ends of her life meet in us
Old as a great gran
Telling of the babe she was
Younger than my brother
being potty trained at home
Its a story we all sort of know
Ice and pride
A ship set upon the tragic path
There’s a song we sing about it
“and the boat goes to the bottom”
Over and over the peril
of a decission chain
She etched into our minds
We know of the families trapped below
Of life boats half full
And an SOS too young to be known
We sit in the old lady’s thrall
She’s not the money – not the toffs
She’s from Dagenham where my uncle fixes vans
She survived passed hand over hand
Crying into the boat
She tells of the fear all children know
Her Daddy was left behind
There was no room for him
The Titanic so long a go
Made vivid in our minds
We feel in our hearts the tears
That she must have cried
Our granny titanic
One of the few to survive.

7 Billion

June 21st, 2018

7 billion minds encoding the rhthym of life
7 billion awarenesses all wired roughly along the same lines
7 billion idea sharers, pattern seeking minds that search
7 billion lives beautifully unique
7 billion hearts to feel, love… hate
7 billion hungers – some needs, some wants
7 billion people
1 is me – another is you
7 billion potential soar
A sea of blinding thought
Carrying the wave of intent
Now to space, now to the deeps
Or to carry us out of the existence
Singularity is coming
Racing on the crest of population expansion