Hello! I’m a Bardic Rhymerian Monster – a very special type of Gurgitation monster, but instead of just looking at all styles of writing and putting up with any old prose like Red Monster and Blue Monster do, I specialise in Poetry!

The Writing Monsters live at the Edge of the World where realities of the multiverse touch, and guard the gate way of possibilities; and we are trying to infect the earth with the concept of writing, reading, thinking and creating!

The Wiggly Pets, being the helpful creatures that they are, are helping us with this endeavour, and one of the humans they live with (called Sarah or Saffy) is a poet! She is going to be my pen name. Humans are a bit species-ist, you see, so I thought it would be prudent to write under a human pen name!

Sarah/Saffy is published in a mirade of anthologies under a number of pen names – her biggest regret is that she never kept a proper list of where her poems were being published 🙁 . She’s had two poems printed in national newspapers and did some writing for the local press back during her GCSE’s and A’levels.

She then went on to study Geology at Imperial College where she achieved a 2:1 honours.

Since then she has been working as a Web-designer, consultant, illustrator and managing the Wiggly Pet adoption scheme – as well as being Mum, Wife and trying to run a tiny farm 🙂

As always there are obstacles the artist must overcome, and these are what make it resonate with the power to enthral – empathy and grit. Sarah’s main troubles are health issues leading to large chunks of time wiped out and an on going battle with complex post trumatic stress, and of course a curse for any writer – Dyslexia.

But, from adversity….

The poems range from funny, sweet, rhyming children’s tongue twisters to political themes, with a smattering of the surreal and what is termed Gothic Poetry. Then there are the niche poems about science and technology mixed in with ones on ‘intellectual’ or philosophical subjects.

There will also be reviews of events and books – both poetry collections and how to write and publish books!

Once one hundred poems appear on here a book (complete with illustrations) of the poems will be released – and I promise all spelling and grammatical issues will be resolved in the ‘official’ versions! Some of the poems will also be appearing handwritten as part of the art work that will fill sketch books for the Moleskiner’s Escape Into Life Project.

Occasionally a painting or picture may appear on here as sometimes the explanation of what they are is poetic.

Lastly I, the Poetry Monster, am being unleashed on the world today of all days because it is National Poetry Day UK! There are lots of fun events and a giant knitted poem!

And my last word for this week is – DON’T FORGET it’s Cheltenham Literature Festival! Well as of tomorrow anyway 🙂

Posted: Thursday, October 8th, 2009 @ 2:26 pm
Categories: Poems.
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