Rejections, Nice Rejections and Acceptance

We all get rejections, it is however a harsh thing when you get your first, even worse when you do not hear anything and you are wondering how long you should be waiting, hoping, fearing…

They say older poets and researchers tend to get more things published and more grants and funding but when you look at this closely it is not really a talent thing at all – no it is pragmatism. Basically they have given up with hanging around for those rejections, they no longer see each project as THE PROJECT, as the shining star. That does not mean they are not proud of their projects just that they have many and apply to many.

Infact they apply to about 10 times the amount of things that young/beginners apply/submit to. So basically you have to just keep submitting, keep getting the rejections but some rejections are easier than others.

Getting a nasty rejection can spur you on in anger to submit the work else where – use that to your advantage, a nice rejection can leave you feeling like you just missed it or that it was a slightly wrong call on your part and that publication is just not right for your work and so you feel empowered to send it else where.

But that leaves the meh rejections, the ones with no whys and/or a blanket form. This are demoralising, these crush the soul… they crush even the established. But they have a secret strategy – it is… send 10 things out for every rejection you get back and this does work for many others find they need to hone what they are writing to one publication or group of publications and that is fine too because acceptance of a piece of work is not the end of the story nor is it always the good wonderful thing you expect it to be.

So acceptances can be a mine field of their own with publishing companies going bust, changing hands, receiving budget cuts. Your work may suddenly be a “back burner project” or worse “shelved” and often there is nothing in the contract to deal with this. a) try and make sure you have severance covered in any contract but be aware that there are legal ways around this b) eggs and baskets… really really try not to have only one project I know this is difficult if you are cramming the creativity in between full time jobs and families etc… c) some projects may work best as self publishing so research the markets.

Then there is the time lag of acceptance and anything actually in print… and another plus a threat or two of legal action in order to get yourself paid your dues…

But the moral is we all get rejected and taken on and so on and you have to just keep at it, keep trying and you will get there but there is no easy street or get rich quick. Get rich slow yes but not instant fame and kudos.

Good luck go write, edit, submit… GO! GO! GO!

Posted: Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 @ 9:26 am
Categories: About Poetry, WoPoWriMo.
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