The Dream

For Alaric and keeping going to be the person you need to be 🙂

The Dream

You and me we had a dream
Do you remember?
Once we were so keen
Life excitement
The need for extremes
It poured forth
And we bathed
But responsibility
Made us cave
So we sink
Sunk by being brave

And we, you and me
Swam on unnerving wave
Pave the future
Spun on a curve
Dulled by pain
The passion waned
The dream to fade
We, you and me
Once more wade
Out from the shore
As we did before
The dream once more we build
Don’t let emotions kill
Motivation, we have the skill
Break the prediction
No blue pill, no red
Creative zeal

We had this dream you and me
Lets make it real
The kettle’s shrill
Note lets us know
It’s time for tea
And you and me
Will build the dream
That’s how it will be

Posted: Friday, February 14th, 2014 @ 12:12 am
Categories: Festivals and Events, Performance, Poems.
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