Finished! And News.

Yep 🙂 I have 30 new shiny poems written this month – although they are not all narratives or stories as I had intended, which is the reason I will still be writing until the end of the month! I feel quiet chuffed to be at this point considering it is about half way through the month 🙂

And my husband liked the poem I posted yesterday for him 🙂

My 8 yr old is still going with her poems and is asking if we can make a book out of them 🙂 And Alaric (hubby) is also working away on his 🙂

This got me thinking that I might put some writing inspiration stuff on this blog for other poetry and song writers – I do this with my flash fiction blog Magenta Monster and in fact it is what the monster blogs started off as!

Possibly even set little homeworks for people 🙂

But for now I need to get back to the typing up and editing!

Good luck if you are still trudging your way through the WoPo poem a day challenge.

Posted: Saturday, February 15th, 2014 @ 11:13 am
Categories: WoPoWriMo, Writing Challenges.
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