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Well it has been a busy summer already and we are only about half way through!

I’ve just finished my main festival rounds but still have a couple to go!


16-17 July – Horoscope Life and Ecstasy – performance

19th-21st Aug Maze Festival – performance

27-28 August – The Grand Mock-Tales and Creativity Tea – workshops and creative drives

Nov – Purple Fest


1) A Stranger Dream – visual poetry colouring in book thingy

I am hoping to do markets and stalls in autumn and run up to Christmas so that people can get their hands on Love: A Stranger Dream merch which is all currently sitting in my bedroom needing new homes! (p.s. you get some when you sign up to my Patreon. The first 6 months some of it is Patreon exclusives but after that time period it will appear in my Etsy shop).

There is also a dress in the making so I can literally wear and be my visual poem 😀

2) The Political Converse – poetry, audio and art

There is already a little zine of this name containing 10 poems (warning contains opinions) and a few audio files on my Bandcamp but there is so much more that needs to appear. I have cartoons I started two elections ago which just need inking and scanning – I have the Brex-Shit colouring sheets which when finished will be a visual poetry colouring book though not quiet like Love: A stranger Dream!

The album needs updating and a second zine needs producing as I have enough poems for that now.

There is also another two songs I need to finish recording and editing – the over all plan is that there will be a double album of songs and poetry with an art book and/poetry collection to go with it.

Again zines come with Patreon subscription other wise you have to wait to catch me at an event or when I put them in the Etsy shop!

3) Turquoise Monster Collection – poetry collection

Pretty much just need to get around to putting it up on Amazon, zine/chapbook of and pdf are no more but I may resurrect if there is interest as I have not reached the 1000 copy cut off I places on myself for chapbook production 🙂

4) The Little Books – kids poetry

Home mades and short runs of these 10 poem collections for kids have been about a few years now – I’ve got workshops based on them which I take to Lit Fests and into schools etc… and they did only start out as a thing for my kids and then a thing to raise some money to buy books for the school… I think it’s time they become proper books you can buy on the net etc… this will include a seasons collection of four rolled into one including the stories I’ve added to the audio versions of the books.

5) Vispo – concret, illustrated poems

Obv. I’ve already mentioned Brex-Shit which is scathing satirical works on the farce that is current british politics (warning it’s not kind to anyone some colouring sheets are already up and ready for you as some free stress relief).

But there is also a mythical creatures illustrated poetry book in the works – I have most of the images sketched but not inked and there are a lot of them and I am still deciding the exact format of the book but as and when they appear I will pop them up on Wigglypet Press for you guys.

The Neons – a secret Patreon project so that is all I shall be saying 😀


Ok so part of what I do is science communication – I mainly have puppet shows and science-craft, exploration workshops but a little side project to this is trying to link the science back to poetry 🙂

Of course I can always just write poems about the scientist puppets but I like to actually link them – so for example Ada Lovelace is Byron’s daughter (yes the Byron), Darwin a) wrote poetry b) was the grandson of a poet, Brahmagupta wrote his maths in sanskrit which used verse for such things and so on – basically if you know of any little snippets like these – please share them with me 🙂 I would be very grateful 🙂

Thankyou muchly.

I think that is everything for now 😀

Posted: Friday, July 15th, 2016 @ 11:21 am
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