Me Bucky Balls and All

Knitted Bucky Ball

Thursday the 12th of July last year saw me at the Grain Barge performing geek poetry, throwing knitting and inflicting my sense of humour on people. It took me a while to remember to post it! But it was an epic night and I did pop it up on my personal blog before but thought it should be shared here!

Science Equipment

We turned up and there was some classical science equipment set up – which is always ‘ooooo do you think there will be fire and explosions and glowing stuff?’.

The show got started with the comedic Steve proclaiming he had super powers – he the guy who organises and entertains between the acts.

Super Steve at Science Show Off Bristol 2012

The first act was Jim Bell with his spiders which the brave Suze who is very scared of them, managed to hold momentarily with lots of squeaking.

Fear of Spiders Brave Suze Holding a spider

Then it was time for the fire and glowing stuff but alas no explosions 🙁

Decian Fleming at Science Show Off Bristol Flying Tea Bag Glowing Science

Then it was on to Sophia with her set on why parents are so annoying.

Sophia Collins at Science Show Off Bristol Sophia at Science Show Off Bristol

At some point a red nose appeared just to remind me that Clowns exist shudders

Red Nose Steve

Then we had Joe Wright and a very funny sketch and video about Darwin – including all the mistakes in the video 🙂

Joe Wright

Then we had Nicole Slavin and opera about STIs.

Nicole Slavin at Bristol Science Show Off singing science opera Nicole Slavin

We then had a break were instead of talking to the people who had come to see me I was hovering waiting for a laptop to work so that my first power point in 6 yrs could be shown and to make it worse it wasn’t actually a power point :/

But then we had the Science of Cocktails and me being me I announced to the room that I like the frothy head :/ Which Suze who was doing the talk gracefully sailed over.

Science of cocktails Science Show Off Bristol

Then there was Sam Phippen with his funny stories of Robots that kids build.

Sam Phippen robbot dude at Science Show Off Bristol

Then there was me – I was so nervous

Sarah Snell-Pym Science Show Off Bristol

Here is the video

And yes I corpsed and yes I got flustered and yes someone nicked my knitted bucky ball!

Then we had a talk on Viruses!

Karl Byrne at Science Show Off Bristol

And then to finish off we had the halarious nerd rock of Mark Lewney.

Nerd Rock Mark Lewney and the geek guitar of win

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