Glass Bones

A glass pelvis
Loose at the seams
My own pain apocalypse
Drenched in crises
Drowning in agonies
Each step a razor blade
Cutting into the fabric of me
Miss alined, broken, bent
A pelvic shard
Shatters in muffled screams
Crying in the night
Walking burns
Dwindling the memory
Sensation a shade
Of grey nothing
Dampening thought
Punctured, pierced
By electric blue
Fizzing of the tail bone
A primate with glass bones
Can no longer climb trees
Nor hold onto the top branches
To which they once clung
The fruits of life
Are within those branches
Sitting Pain
Standing PaiN
Sleeping PAiN
Sensation PAIN
Separated Pelvis
Pubis synthesises
Girdle stretched and broke
Aches and daggers
Dragging down
Whining of the glass rim
I do not drink of this misery
Just listen
Pelvis sing
Glass siren lurring
Monsters of the Id
All nasty qualities
Are destorded within

Posted: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 @ 12:05 am
Categories: Poems.
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