Happy New Me?

Last year was a bit of a nightmare but somehow I still managed to produce zines and stuff for books and that is what I plan for this year!

So I have all the Inktober work which turns out to be a visual poem on identity – the head bang has left me unsure of various thing like when someone asked me what my favourite colour was I said green. Everyone around me paused… my house is decorated purple, most of my fancy cloths are purple, my kid cries “no it’s not it’s purple” and I remembered but you see when I was 5 my favourite colour was green because I had not yet found lavender, that would not happen until I was 7 and my aunt had her wedding with me as a bridesmaid and I’ve kind of been growing up all over again.

This means I am very confused as to who I am, hubby reckons I am me bit with a few oddities like I swear where I didn’t but it strikes at a core note of what makes me… me?

Add in disability, orientations and what not on top and the whole question of who you are and who you are allowed to be surfaces along with societal ostricisations.

I may well be exploring these a little more in the coming year.

Posted: Friday, January 1st, 2016 @ 12:26 pm
Categories: About Poetry.
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