Making A Stranger Dream Comb Bound

Comb bound A Stranger Dream

People have been asking about the comb bound booklets and zines – I am very lucky in that I have been given an old laser printer so I’ve scanned the pictures I drew and inked and cleaned them up digitally and printed them. I’ve also been given a comb binder so I went out and bought some plastic combs and some cover sheets plus the “greenest” paper I could find ie from sustainable forests etc… and I printed, assembled, punched and bound the books – or rather I printed and assembled and then my husband bound them whilst I was sorting out stickers and things!

Pages for A Stranger Dream

I arranged the booklets in 2 formats as it is a non-linear poem but if I ever get a completely functional printer I may alter the arrangement as I’d wanted both combinations in one book but it is tricky to do double sided things!

I was asked if I felt it was pointless to have made these now I am getting proper books made and the answer is no – the paper I printed these on is thicker paper than the colouring in books and takes paint well so I am keeping these as an extra add on for those who want to do painting and also for poetry workshops and festivals – people love to colour in!

Having said that I am only ever going to be producing 100 copies of it in this way!

Posted: Thursday, April 14th, 2016 @ 8:40 am
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