NaPo is Go!

So regular readers of the blogs will know that I love my writing challenges and creativity drives. March was a rest or editing/typing up month. I always start the year off with a lot of poetry writing it helps clear the brain out 🙂 A kind of spring clean!

Month of Poetry in January and WoPo in February but now it is April and the third poetry writing madness NaPo!

That’s short for National Poetry Writing Month and is styled on the novel writing drive that happens in November each year – Nanowrimo.

Basically I am going to be attempting to write 30 poems at least this month with the actual target being more like 100 and the other thing I like to do is say that I’ll spend in and around that poetry writing… 1 hr a day working on things to do with poetry so that is submitting, drafting, blogging, replying to emails about events etc…

Wish me luck and join me 🙂

Posted: Friday, April 1st, 2016 @ 9:07 am
Categories: Writing Challenges.
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