Bedroom Tax

It was my husbands birthday
He was 34 when they came a knocking at the door
We expected Avon or Betterware
Instead three kids stood there
“Excuse me could you take our kitten please
No sir it aint a tease
Our mum says we’ve got to move soon
We’re going to share a room
We thought it would be okay
But she got a message today
They say we can’t take little kitty
They say kittens are too shitty

Well what could we say to that?
We resigned ourselves to owning yet another cat
Later that day their mum brought round
All the cat bits she’d found
Whilst packing up her family to go
And I pondered on the man that made this so
The man who lives in a great big home
Sitting on his privileged thrown
Telling this family on my block
How their lives are full of excess and rot
When all they’ve ever done
Was the best that they could
But bedroom tax
Is just for the lowest of income
Swinging millions over the edge
Of an already precarious balanced ledge
Surely our leaders should do some sums
And take their heads out of their bums
Cos at least they could move
Many can not and are stuck in a rut and a groove
A groove that forever deepens
The deal that for self serving millionaires only sweetens
The rich get richer and the rest get poor
I wonder what other treats they’ll have in store
Our kitten was a victim of the bedroom tax
Come on sense it needs to be axed!

Posted: Saturday, September 21st, 2019 @ 9:57 am
Categories: Poems, Political.
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