Maurice the Mouse

Maurice the musical mechanical mouse
Lives in a wonderful little house
The chimney is made of a silver flute
And when the wind blows it will toot
The well is a cymble above a drum
When you turn the handle it goes
Pa ra pa pa rum

Maurice the musical mechanical mouse’s
wonderful little house is
Tiled in piano keys
That pigeons play just how they please
And the walls were xylophone bars
That are played by tiny crickets
driving tiny cars

Maurice the musical mechanical mouse
invites the choir to his lovely little house
They all drink tea
From glass ware tuning to D
And Maurice picks up the spoons
An improvised orchester
Soon fills the room

Maurice the musical mechanical mouse
Lives in a tonialy quaint little house
With crickets a clicking
Choirs a singing
Drum wells a dinging
Spoons a pinging
Bell tea cups a ringing
Flute chimneys a tooting
Orchesters Hooting
Pigeons and roof piano plinking

in hale

What a wonderful sound
it all would be
if they were all playing the same song
In the same key
As Mr mechanical Mousy!

Posted: Saturday, April 11th, 2020 @ 11:01 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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