Lets see,
See that girl
Running around,
Thinking she is climbing up when she’s falling down
doing too much stuff
With no time to sit and think
Or be
Watch her sink beneath
Shoulds and woulds and coulds
Drowning in potential
Being told it is essential – to choose
Knowing what ever she decides she’ll loose
So worried about what is the wrong and the right of it
So concerned to get there
Opting for the sensible
Driving for excellence
But it is a penance
An academic menace
Cutting in her soul
Severing control
The creative self no longer whole
Science on it’s own
Industrial pace
Scolar’s race
Faster and faster
No thoughts of course
But the rails laid before her

And then the metamorphosis
Disguised as derailment
Career shattered
A dark cocoon of failure, pain, fatigue…

The pace slowed
A pupa blind and crawling – souped
Pulped into components
What did it want?
What could it do?
Nothing much but to enjoy the ride
There is no longer a goal
A destination
Just a journey
And it has a beauty
Never to be supplanted
A simple happiness
A repair job of the mind
Job built around life
The dark carapace cracked by realisation
Of hope
That which inspires – teaches
Should be shared
Something of a dream
The pupa emerges neophyte once more
Awe at the world carved on my features
Two wings:
Science and Art
I can never fly
But I can gluid
With endless wings
Sending my words and dreams and thoughts
Into the world.

Posted: Friday, December 6th, 2019 @ 1:27 am
Categories: Poems, Science and art, Within and Without.
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