Rivers flowing locked in time
Carving the landscape
Pushing down, down,
Towards the core
That it will never reach

Rivers carrying pebbles
Rolling them over and over
Wearing them smooth
Knocking off the edges
Perfection in growing small

Rivers pure blood of life
Flowing out to nourish the world
To emerald beauty
Life to the barren earth shoot

Rivers meandering
Here and there
A sinuous twist
A delicate fan
From mountain to basin

Rivers fed from the air
From rain drops large
And rain drops small
From snow that melts
And ice that falls

Rivers springing
From the underground lair
An artesian well
in lime stone found
Aquifers of dinosaur age
A reservoir
For a future yet uncharted

Rivers anastomosing across the plan
But only in times of old
Creating braiding
And intricacies of habitat
For creatures that once abounded

Rivers carrying the silt
Of fertile planes
Needing to burst banks
That humans have made
Constraining all
Until it breaks

Posted: Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 @ 12:56 am
Categories: Poems, Science and art.
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