The Banana-Rama Drama

To assault a banana is to create a drama
but not for the farmer who likes to
salt his narnas to feed to his llamas
who actually prefer sultanas
resulting in a banana-rama of banana munching llamas

Oh what a palaver
The banana-rama
of salting a narna
Which is really insulting to bananas
As it makes them sound like sultanas
which due to karma creates an uptight farmer
who will throw sultanas
At the assualter of bananas
even if they happen to be his llamas

But the farmers llamas love sultanas
And so have good karma for assaulting bananas
even when they are farmer salted narnas
for insulting llamas
As they get to much ob sultanas
Which they love

Oh what a drama!
The karma driven banana-rama of farmer llamas eating
sultanas for assaulting bananas the farmer has insulted by salted results in…

A banana-rama of a llama farmer panorama showing karma
Or maybe just a mess
well The farmer did do his best
I think he may need a rest from the stress of the banana-rama, drama of being a karmic llama farmer.

Posted: Sunday, May 26th, 2019 @ 3:27 pm
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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