Bimbling Bombling Bumble Bees

Bimbling bombling bumble bees
are in competition with the honey bees
Bimbling high and bombling low
Flombering and womberling to and throw
Large and fat they hum and drone
Looking for the nectars home
The nectar lives in the flowers bowl
And bumbles bees need it to grow
To make them big and fat and slow

Now the honey bee to the bumble bee
happens to be its arch enemy!
Zipping here and buzzing there
The honey bee has an elegant flare
Prancing and dancing around it swoops
Doing fancy loop da loops!
Effective in the bush and tree
unlike the poor slow old bumble bee
who moves slowly along the ground
Hoping it is flower bound

But though the bimbling bombling bumble bee
is always arguing with the honey bee
Both must beware the whizzing wasp
who will eat any insect it can spot!
Whizzing here and wozzing there
Slim and trim with a stoney glare
You may think them a strewed fella
And it seems wozzing wasps are ever so clever

As whizzing wozzing fizzing wasps
obviously know about housing costs
and munches and crunches up the trees
to make paper houses unlike the bees
who will make their home from soft brown wax
sometimes found in wooden stacks
Of course this is the honey bee
Who collects pollen for all to see

On the other hand the bimbling bombling bumble bee
Thinks finding an old mouse nest is key
there it may feel at home
if only the damn hover fly would not drone so!

The quivering zipping whipping hover fly
looks like a wasp but of miniture size
And unlike the other stripy ones
Does not do that stinging thing!
Proud to drone and not to hum
Bluffing that there is a sting there on their bum
Black and yellow is the sign
don’t eat me and you’ll be fine
For I am the insect king
But finding foods is the thing

So zipping here and quivering there
The hover fly watches bimbling bumble with some care
Following the slow bombing fella
Hoping that the hover fly’s dinner will be better
for zipping whipping hover flies
are too small in their whizzing wasp disguise
And can not reach the food that it needs
the nectar there in the flower to feed
But bimbling bombling bumble bees
Bite the stem to get their sweat treats
A trick that’s neat as it beats
The idea of bombling getting any thinner
For the quivering flitting hover fly this is a winner
As it can wait for it’s free dinner
This is the ideal meal steal and without a stinger!

So the quivering flitting hover fly
Can look like the whizzing wozzing wasp
But another more deadlier foe can be seen
Looking like a wasp but big and mean
The hornet hard and harsh
Has poison like fire at its harsp
Worse than any of the other stripy brood
Even wasps who eat honey bees for their food!

And they are all ants really
Fancy ants that get in you pants
Ants with wings and stings and things
And though you may think them scary
It is very much you who should be wary
For nature needs all of them silly
Yes stripy, fuzzy, stingy and grubby
Queens that rule
Heed the call and love them all

As bimbling bombling bumble bees
and buzzy humming honey bees
are stripy like the whizzing wasp
And don’t forget what the hornets sting will cost
Take note yellow and back strips are not spots!
And stripy fellas it would seem
Will sting those naughty human beings
Especially as they prod and poke
Flushing out nests with acrid smoke
So if in a garden leave well alone
And hope it’s a honey bee taking pollen home

Posted: Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 @ 9:44 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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