Found The Little Book of Poetry

Recently I have been typing up all the note books I have – this is no menial task as I literally had an entire bookcase of notebooks. Some it is true were fuller than others but nearly all contained some poetry.

From three notebooks alone I typed up 45 poems and believe me when I say that not all of them have made the cut.

This is a lot of poems. I hope to get 5 yrs worth of poems up on here as back up posts and then start submitting in earnest again.

However another interesting thing has happened – I’ve started finding the poems I’d written for various collection ideas I’ve had and so have begun grouping those poems together using the tag-catagory system on this blogging platform.

One such collection is the original Little Book of Poetry and it never made it into being mainly due to my little girl side tracking the project by asking for us to create a halloween version which was how The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry came to be and from there obviously the The Little Book of Festive and Easter and New Baby Poetry followed plus a bizillian drafts of other such books.

But that does not alter the fact that on the various long van rides we used to have to make I would sing or make up poetry to my then only and relatively new child. Ones that re-occured or she asked for a lot I wrote down. They were about bumble bees, and liquorice and flamingos and kittens and stinky wellies.

I wanted to make a little collection of them – in my mind I envisioned it as something like the little milkyway booklet of nursery rhymes I’d had – a small pocket sized stapled booklet. Then I saw the Little Brown recipe books in my husbands aunts kitchen and I remember thinking – yeah poetry like that!

It did not happen but now I am finding and typing and polishing those poems and I went and bought a sketch pad and felt tip pens today in order to illustrate it!

So hopefully you will be seeing it sometime soonly!

Posted: Friday, October 14th, 2016 @ 11:45 pm
Categories: Little Books.
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