Calling The Ice Queen

Calling the ice queen
Invoking the winters heart
knowing the sting
of frost upon lash and cheek
Numb toes
Wading wading
Through the snow
That fell and drifted
And glinted
Sometimes blue
Other times pink
Often with yellow ambers glint
But mainly grey
To match the sky
Except when it bruises
And Blizzard is on her way
To cover all
Until a blue sky
Scudded with fluff
Turning snow
To melts
That rush and gush and flood
Or flash freeze at the edge of night
Glass hard skating rink
Unseen and unknown
Cherish the scars it leaves
and know
you are lucky
kiss a fractal dream
drifting beautifully
And perfect to the dirty ground
A wind is sharp
Cuts and slices
The teeth of ice grow
Glacial times
Wrapped and warped
kiss the crystal
Love the queen
See the purple stars
And the white drops grow
Winter’s Blooms
It’s beauty harshness
Cuddle up to bring warmth
Waiting cacooned
For the defrost
When she may ride
Free to dance with the stars
In the deeps
Of our lonely galatic skies
In the end
The cold is all that will remain
A frozen moment
At the end of time

Posted: Friday, August 16th, 2019 @ 12:26 am
Categories: Poems.
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