A Warning in Verse to Fellow Cats

If a human grabs you and wont let go
even with claws flashing too and throw

The chances are its time for the worst
Being shoved in a basket always come first

The the engine roaring loud
Drowning out that little mewing sound

Then the vet whilst pinning you down rends
Their thermometer where it offends

That’s right they shove it right up your bum!
I think humans must think that it’s fun

And as if that where not enough
There will be an injection of foul looking stuff

Sore and aching and feeling rotten
You’re shoved back in that cage and promptly forgotten

So beware when the human over pets
It’s a sure sign that it’s time for the vets

Struggle as much as you can
Use your claws and have a human proof escape plan!

And failing all of that…
Do a revenge poo on their door mat!

Posted: Sunday, June 16th, 2019 @ 12:21 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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