Zom B the Zombie Bee

Zom B the zombie bee
lived with his friends in the honey tree

Looking for the grey stuff to munch
He’d settled for some bones to crunch
Thinking those humans where a sorry bunch

And so Zom B the zombie bee
set out for the briny sea
where a plague hit the crew
a plague most deadly
like a bee sting’s fiery medley!

For instead of black and yellow
He was a green and puce slime fellow
And yet when stung victims rarely bellowed:

“It’s Zom B the zombie bee!”
Nor did they catch him and pop him in the sea
Or even sensibly just cut down the accursed honey tree

And so he wondered here and there
Finding brains to sample with care
Zom B the zombie bee
Came to the dock of Gloucester’s Quay

Wreaking havoc with strips and sting
Knowing he was full of win
For Zom Bees were definitely king

Until a little girl called Mary the Mook
Thinking he looked like a pile of pukeJean the Bean
Squashed him flat, with her pink straw hat
He made a rather pretty splat

And all for a school yard dare!
Mary the Mook has a natural flare
For killing Zom Bees which is rare!
Especially for a school yard dare
But she did so without a care

So there!

Posted: Friday, January 17th, 2020 @ 9:54 am
Categories: Kids, Little Books, Poems.
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