The Girls Room

Mary and Jean’s room is such a mess
You can’t see the floor
As they have so many toys
Toys they have galore!
There are teddies, dollies
cars and trains
and don’t forget the spacecraft
and the planes!

There’s coloured blocks
buried beneath bar sheep socks
And Jean’s collection of interesting rocks
There are soft blankets to snug
Iridescent glow in the dark slugs
Dragons and monsters and more
All stuck as stickers upon the door
Plus a papier mache castle – cor!

There are dinosaurs and tigers,
butterflies and flowers
Dress up cloaks to give them super powers
A clock with brightly coloured cogs
Floppy cuddly big eared dogs
Not to mention the jumping frogs
The scattered board games
And a computer that has been tamed
A picture of a black bird framed on the wall
Books full of adventures cascade
And then as the day light fads
Two explorers find sleep hard to evade
Curled up in dozy dreams
Within a time machine
Made of blankets and bunk bed beams
It’s time for snoozing and some epic dreams!

Posted: Saturday, July 28th, 2018 @ 3:48 pm
Categories: Little Books, Poems.
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